Chipotle, why hast thou forsaken me?

For the past few years, Drew & I have participated in Chipotle’s “Dress up as a burrito to get a free burrito” on Halloween dealio. Pretty sweet, considering all you need to do is have some tin foil on your body to be considered dressing like a burrito. We heard recently that they were going to start charging $2 this year, but we figured that’s still worth it . Albeit, we’d only be hitting one Chipotle, rather then trying to do 4 like in years past. Mind you, their burritos don’t work nearly as well for leftovers, especially when it’s 3-4 days afterwards and you’re still trying to crank through that last burrito.

Anyhow, I decided to look up more about the different promotion they were doing this year, only to be surprised that you’re not supposed to dress like a burrito this year, but instead as a processed food, in order to get your $2 “Boorito.”

First, I’m very curious to see how many people unknowingly show up dressed in their tin foil and are quite disappointed to not be getting a free burrito! Albeit, Chipotle has no obligation to do the same promotion year after year, but it seems to have gone on enough years to be a bit of a tradition, so it’s surprising that they’re changing it now.

I’m also not a fan of how “processed food” has become a catch-all phrase for all that is unhealthy. Technically, any food that isn’t eaten completely raw has been processed. Meaning: the cheese, meat, and tortillas used in making Chipotle burritos are processed, so technically I could still wear tin foil and be a processed food and get me a $2 burrito. Hmm…

Then again, I’m still sick, and may be too much of a bum to leave the house, even for a $2 burrito. I’ll just convince Drew to bring 2 costumes and go through the line twice!

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