Mystery lists

I cleaned today. Went through piles and piles of things. I’ve got scads of notebooks, and it’s bizarre to see what kind of random crap shows up in said notebooks from eons ago, things that I can’t even begin to interpret.

I found this list, which appears to be in Drew’s handwriting, and neither of us has a clue as to what the heck it could possibly mean.

Hung Kawk* – 52
Hastings – 50
Bai Bai Ho – 44
Hung Long – 42
Oxford – 44
Brighton – 48
Norwich – 57
Rik E Balls – 42
Invaes Place – 40
London – 42
Long Duck Dong – 52

No clue. No clue at all.

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these look to be choices for a possible name of a team or group of some sort or a venture, a place, and the votes for each of them. Did you write a fictional story and needed a name of a place or restaurant? And you chose Hung Kawk. …and why not?

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