Jurors, Food, Work, Life, Etc..

I feel pretty awful for the jurors of the Casey Anthony case, and am looking forward to this whole thing dropping out of the spotlight sometime soon. For those that don’t know, I was on the jury for a murder trial a few years back. It was a fairly short trial, 3 1/2 days including deliberation. Both educational and difficult, and I hope I’m never on a murder trial ever again. My wooziness to blood/wounds made it very difficult to not get lightheaded and pass out during the part where photographic evidence was being detailed to us. Anyhow, we were pretty sure the accused was guilty. However, the defense was relying way too much on forensics and completely ignoring other things, and in the end we could not say beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. So we went with the verdict of “not guilty.” And, it was so awful to leave that courtroom while seeing and hearing the victim’s family’s reaction to our verdict. But, it would have been so much worse if the accused actually was innocent, and we’d decided he was guilty. Being on a jury is tough, and I’m sure so much more so for a high profile case, so people really need to cut those jurors some slack.

So. I’m living in a motel right now. Some who read this know, some don’t. Drew and I broke up over a month ago. I’m moving into an apartment in Capitol Hill in about a week and a half, incidentally on the same day that Carolyn will be flying out to visit for the weekend. Things have been…weird. Sad. Strange. Am still dealing with it, and likely will be for awhile. People have been very supportive though, and I really appreciate that.

I miss having a kitchen. I got to use Jonathan and Jill’s kitchen a week back and have a sushi party with them, which was fun. Got some really good salmon, here’s a shot of some of the salmon rolls:


Work’s going OK, though I’ve been staying up late a few more nights than I’d like dealing with the persnicketiness of HTML emails. HTML emails are definitely one of the lesser appealing things that I do. One thing that I’ve been doing lately that I hope to do more of is developing for mobile websites. There’s a great Drupal module called Mobile Tools that will switch your theme based on mobile device detection, and with that plus playing with the JQuery Mobile theme, I’ve been working on the mobile version of my work’s website. There are of mobile design is so new, I think there’s lots of opportunities to do cool stuff. I’ve also been dying to actually contribute a Drupal module to the Drupal community, and am hoping I can find something good to contribute involving mobile.

Am hoping to do some packing today, I’m trying to get rid of stuff I just don’t use – I hate having lots of stuff, and moving it is a big pain, so I’m trying to better justify the things I own. Super fun times.

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