Whereupon I Complain About Apartments

Or rather, I’ll complain about my specific apartment. It’s not a bad apartment, mind you. The location is really great – I walk to work, any pretty much anywhere I want to get to in downtown Denver is a short walk away (or a short walk to the free MallRide bus) and I’ve got close access to I-25 as well as the Cherry Creek bike trail. The apartment itself is nice as well – lots of closet space and a decent sized kitchen. My few complaints are that there’s no balcony, I don’t get any direct sunlight (and little breeze), and my cellphone only works sporadically. OK, that last one is kind of a big deal, but I’ve been dealing with it semi-ok.

When I first looked at the apartment, the price was a bit steep for me, but they were having a “first month free” special, which they could spread over the course of my lease. That made the rent $830/mo, which is ok considering the area and apartment. I was also told that, when I renewed, I’d get whatever special they were doing at the time, and it was pretty likely they’d still be doing the “first month free” special.

Fast-forward to a month ago. I get the renewal notice on my door. They’re asking $963/mo. I go ask the office if they’re still doing the “first month special.” Nope, no specials. I turn in my notice to vacate and let them know it’s because of the apartment getting too expensive. The office person let me know that they’re keeping pace with similar rent rises in the area, and she’d let me know if management decided to reinstate the discount. I would have been surprised if there wasn’t a rent increase, to be honest, but $130/mo was just a little too much for me. It’s not like I spend a huge amount of time at home anyhow, so I figured I could downgrade a bit so I’m not blowing all of my paycheck on housing.

Of course, then I start looking around at other apartments. I can get decent to better apartments at a comparable price. So, I’m pretty happy about that (am going to start viewing some soon). I was curious as to if my apartment was listed on my complex’s website yet, so I checked. And it was – listed for $863 or so (i.e. $100 less then they wanted me to pay to renew). I was half tempted to go talk to the office and see what was going on, since that was a price increase I’d be fine with, but I was kinda annoyed they didn’t even contact me before listing it, given the sharp increase was the reason I wanted to leave in the first place. That, and I pay my bills on time and never bug them – wouldn’t it be cheaper for them to just keep me rather than have to clean the place and find a new tenant anyhow? But, that whole “cellphone not working” thing held me back. And, I might actually get a balcony.

So, this weekend I got a notice on my door for “refer someone to us and get $300 if they get a place here!” Being curious, I went and checked out their website again. My apartment is now listed for $803. $30 less than what I’m currently paying. Not only that, but, counting current and upcoming vacancies, they have over 50 apartments listed as available. It’s an 18 story building, mind you, but that’s still a huge number of vacancies, especially considering that, when I first moved here, I think they have 10 at most listed.

I was briefly tempted again to stop by the office. $30 cheaper isn’t a bad deal, if I could convince them to dismiss my vacancy notice. But then I had to consider the fact that I’m pretty sure management was taken over by drunk howler monkeys. It’s like they want to go out of business. I see no logic in their ways! Which makes me feel a bit sketch about staying here, to be honest. That, and I kinda miss having a cell phone that actually works when I’m at home.


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