I scanned the QR code on my banana and got a link farm

I wasn’t really expecting to find a QR code on my banana in the first place. I had a strong impulse to ignore it and stick to my original plan of just eating the banana. But no! The QR code got scanned. And took me to…http://www.fruits.com/recipes.aspx

Which is a horrible waste of a QR code. First off, I was convinced that it was a link farm. That giant Del Monte logo on the top of the page, along with the top navigation? You don’t see it from your iPhone, because it’s in Flash. It doesn’t even *do* anything interesting, aside from a hover change (easily done with basic CSS), so it’s not like there’s a good argument for using Flash for it. And, argument or not, there should be *something* there besides blank space. It’s not that hard to ¬†add in alternate content for non Flash enabled browsers, and you’d think that would have crossed someone’s mind when putting together this bizarre QR campaign.

Also, super generic. At least take me to a page for banana recipes? Also, since QR codes are generally scanned from phones, how about a page that actually looks good on a phone?

This is why hardly anyone scans QR codes. I bet there’s some really awesome uses of QR codes out there, but they will all fail horribly thanks to everyone getting burned on pointless ones like this!


On a completely unrelated note, I updated the theme on this site! Decided that the dark background was pretty crappy for readability, and I’ve been wanting something responsive for a bit. So, yay? Pretty generic at the moment, might try to tweak it when I acquire both the time and ambition to do so.



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