Dropbox Saves the Day!

So I’m super into keeping my files organized via directory structure. For example, as much as I like the sorting capabilities of iTunes, I dislike that it sorts based on artist in the actual directory structure, meaning all of my awesome mix CDs are structurally compromised and split apart when importing, unless I make a playlist out of them. Which only works if I’m using iTunes.

Anyhow, like every other person with a photo-capable phone out there, I take photos with it. I want an easy way to import, but still a simple directory dump. I use photos on sites, and so I’m also frequently grabbing files and moving them out of said directory(ies). I also wanted organization, so one day in the vague past I decided to eschew whatever native plugin my iPhone was dumping all of my photos in, and find something a bit better. So I went for Picasa. Which worked fine for awhile, but either it’s convoluted or I didn’t take enough time to understand how it functions, because I would inevitably download photos I’d already downloaded, and they’d be stored in mysterious locations. At some point later (perhaps around the time the amorphous Google entity absorbed them) I stopped being able to smoothly move around the interface. It just…changed. Like some googlebeast invaded my directories and started munching on them, so photos I thought I’d deleted long ago started appearing again.

Anyhow, I became disenfranchised with Picasa.

I’ve had a Dropbox account for awhile now, but aside from using it to grab a bunch of old PSDs of art off my Windows machine, I’ve mostly left it alone. Well, it became sentient. At some point during the Picasa fiasco, when I connected my phone to my computer, Dropbox just randomly started grabbing all of the photos off of my phone. I never enabled anything. I didn’t even open anything when connecting my phone, Dropbox just did it. And, this is normally the sort of behaviour that irks me when an application develops a mind of it’s own and starts doing something I’d never asked it to do. However, in this case, I was already disgruntled about my Picasa situation, and often put off grabbing photos off of my phone because of it. But, no more! Dropbox just grabs them and unceremoniously dumps them into a single directory – automatically organized as each photo is already named based on the date of photo took anyhow. So, Dropbox is both sentient and ┬átelepathic. You have been warned.


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