The process of the Bellossom painting

So I did this Bellossom painting. Since I took pictures at each step, figured I’d dump them here:

Bellossom step 1

I did a sketch on canvas based off of a few pictures, and the background swirls & petals I just kind of made up. Filled in the alternating swirls with silver acrylic paint.

Bellossom step 2

Did a light wash of color using oils and mineral spirits.

Bellossom step 3 Bellossom step 4

Next layer of oil was thinned with a mixture of mineral spirits plus linseed oil.

Bellossom step 5

Did another layer of oil, then a final layer, each of them having more linseed oil and less mineral spirits mixed in.

Bellossom step final

The silver paint got a nice layer of galkyd plus glitter on top. After that, came more galkyd mixed in with gold leaf bits. Still can’t decide if I should have used fewer, larger gold leaf pieces or not. But hey, it was my first time trying that method, mayhaps next time!

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