Holy Hairclips!

I made a bunch of hairclips.

So many hairclips!

Most hairclips that you buy in stores are a.) overpriced and b.) usually packaged such that colors/patterns I want are inevitably paired with ones that I think look awful. Thus, I made a bunch of my own!

You can get packs of blank hairclips at your local Hobby Lobby (or other giant craft store) for around $4.50. And, if you’ve already got a nail polish collection, you’re pretty much set in terms of painting them. This also guarantees that they’ll match at least something else you own. If you’ve got various craft supplies, you can raid that as well. I did that with the gold-leafed set of clips, as well the one covered in tiny pastel flowers and the one with small fish glued at each end. I’m half expecting the one with the flowers to fall apart at some point – despite the two layers of clear polish I put on it, it’s still kinda flakey. However, if and when that happens, I can just scrape all of the flowers off and use that clip for something else. Yay!

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