I randomly found a “to-do in 2012” list

These sorts of lists usually end up containing much more optimism than realism, and this list is no exception to that. It was scrawled out in one of my random notebooks. Let’s see what I wanted to get done, versus what I *actually* got done:

  • Finish 2011 NaNo CYOA novel
    Hah. Haven’t touched it since December 2011. Poor little novel!
  • Translate Quest into Spanish
    Talk about ambitious. Didn’t happen.
  • Continue min of once a week food blogging
    I’m lucky if I get one out once every 2 weeks these days. Hard to say why. When actually writing the posts, I enjoy it. But, I’m coming up on 5 years of having that blog now, so I suppose the novelty wore off long ago.
  • Get WP responsive design theme, update it for tastyniblets.com
    Oh hey, I actually did this one. Cross it off the list!
  • Responsive design theme for ptocheia.net (maybe trash current look)
    Another one I actually did. Course, the old look got trashed for a kinda crappy templatey look with a half-assed header, one of these days I’ll do some reskinning.
  • Rapidsthuglife.com: pull data from twitter, blogs, news. Possible scoreboard?
    Heey, we’re pulling data from twitter, 2 blogs, and I’ve got the schedule up which indeed includes scores (when I remember to add them, at least…)
  • MLP/Last Supper painting
    Didn’t happen. Kinda forgot about this idea. A bloody brilliant idea it is, though!
  • Tumblr for ptocheia (& do what with it?)
    “Make a tumblr” is a pretty sad item to have on one’s to-do list. But make a tumblr I did. And I even update it about as often as I update the rest of my blogs!
  • Once a month work blog post
    Nope. No one read the posts I did make, and as I don’t work there anymore, it’s all kinda moot.
  • Revamp varoper.com (D7? Rails?)
    Revamped, yes. Looks better now, and is responsive. The job hunt drove the completion of this one. Never learned Rails, still not sure if it’s worth it to learn Rails. Might convert to D7 at some point though, just for organization’s sake for when I (hopefully) start making more art and adding photos of said art to the site.
  • Get better keyboard/piano. Use it.
    Well, hijacking a significant other’s keyboard counts, I presume? Still have to use it more. I suffer from this problem where I like playing songs I know, I only know how to play a few songs, and almost every one of them are songs that Chris can’t stand. And thus the keyboard sits.
  • 2-3x a week gym
    Yeah right. I am figuring out better methods here, at least. Rather than make myself work out for 45 minutes and then dread going back to the gym, I do 20-25 minute increments so it’s a bit more pleasant and I’m thus more likely to want to do it.
  • Do more things with beans
    I’ve made quite a bit of hummus and refried beans in the past year? Let’s pretend that counts.
  • D7 CYOA module
    Yeah, too ambitious. Ignoring the fact you can probably build CYOA functionality with views and fields anyhow.
  • More Drupal meetups
    Not so good at this. Social groups full of people I don’t know are intimidating. Gotta work on getting over that as well, I suppose.
  • Edit binary shirt
    Wow, I don’t remember if I still own this shirt. Got it like 10 years ago, says “You are dumb” in binary. And it’s kinda big and flappy. Or was kinda big and flappy until I gave it to Goodwill or lost it or whatever. Hmm…

And in conclusion, I only seem to be good at getting things done if they involve my websites. Now, to contemplate making a similar list for next year so I have a list of things I haven’t completed to fondly look back on next January!

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