An Update on Things

So as it now stands, in a little less than 2 weeks, I’m back to being on my own again. Chris has a really good opportunity to move to Florida, and as right now the only thing that’s holding him in CO is me, he’s going to take that opportunity. It’s more or less breaking my heart, but I have to agree that this will be really good for him, and I wish him the best of luck. We’re quite amicable about everything, and I gotta say I’ve never had a relationship end this well before. And it won’t be ending until the minute he leaves on his long drive down to FL. So I plan on doing my best to make the next 1.5 weeks the best 1.5 weeks Chris has ever experienced.

Course, once he’s gone, I’m stuck here by myself. Mind you, I’m still pretty happy with being in Denver. While I don’t see myself spending the rest of my life here, I like it for the time being. In any case, I’ll probably going to spend a lot of time trying to distract myself. I think it’s, in a way, a bit easier to go through a breakup where you’re really unhappy with the person. After a few days of some cathartic bawling your eyes out, you can start to move on, and see yourself getting to a better place than what you just left. Mind you, Chris and I still have/had our problems, but finding out how ready he is to get out of here, and how unhappy he is being here, clarified those problems in my head and caused me to see them less as problems with us and more as side effects of him coping with his unhappiness. And, for that matter, we’re not even calling it a breakup, and going more for a parting of ways, as we both still feel so positively towards each other. And it really sucks to be in a situation where you really love another person but have to acknowledge that separating is the best decision. And I’m trying to not let my general sadness about everything get in the way of Chris’s happiness, and my happiness that he’s got this great chance to start over in a new place.

Anyhow. I’m going to need to find ways to occupy myself after July 5th. So, you know, if anyone in the Denver area wants to hang out and do whatever I’m probably gonna be up for it.

And on a related note, I’ve got time off the 2nd weekend of July – Thursday through Monday. The initial plan was to drive down to Albuquerque, but I’ve been debating that, both because it’s a long drive to do by yourself, and I’d already been formulating plans on what to do that involved going with another person, and so I’ve got the concern that being in Albuquerque alone will only highlight Chris’s absence, especially since part of the reason to go was to see the Rapids down there. So, I’m sorta looking around for other options right now, either someplace that would be fun to drive to for a long weekend, or someplace I can fly to (preferably a direct flight, and nothing too crazy/far away as I’ve only got 5 days).

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