So like 12 years ago, I wrote a song about Java

I don’t know why I’m not asleep right now. I got distracted and was looking through old stuff, and apparently I wrote a song about Java a long time ago. So I’m gonna post it, because the internet is for po…sting songs about java.

I met it in a program due the week
before last, and it's future is looking quite bleak

oh the data
d-a-t-a data

I tried to do a ParseInt but it wouldnt work
When I typed "javac" the whole thing went berzerk

oh the data
d-a-t-a data

I've got 5000 methods and they all look the same
Nothing is working and I just want to maim

all my data
d-a-t-a data

my prog 5 is fickle, my brain calls defeat,
the 80x86 assembler aint lookin' 1337

poor poor data
da da da da data...

Well I've been staring at this class for hours
So I write crappy songs while my brain sprouts flowers
I'm pushing the limits crankin' out schloads of code
If I push any more my pancreas will explode!

Pick up the pen, write some "if" "then" "else" "while"
Try to make it come together as I stare at a pile
of my data
d-a-t-a data

so I took .stack
subtract from LOC
I find .stack length
And I'm getting sick of writing this so I'll stop...

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