Hey look I made a frilly EGL head thing

Gonna do the Harajuku fashion walk this Friday at NDK. Taking a stab a pulling off gothic lolita style. So I made this headdress and these bracelet things.

EGL headdress & bracelets

Unlike most of my sewing experiments, the headdress actually came out looking pretty decent. Sewed a long, narrow rectangle out of some tulle-like fabric for the base. Added tying straps to the side, then sewed the ruffle in a ring around the entire thing. Made bows out of more of the tulle, plus thread + hot glue gun + ribbon. Then just hot glued the ribbons to each side.

As inspiration, I looked at this pattern for a headdress as well as this headdress from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

I chopped up an old bra and used the straps as the base for the bracelet, glueing some velcro to secure the ends around the wrist. Then, took some fabric from the front of the bra for the bows, with ribbon wrapped around, and everything held in place with hot glue.

Still gotta figure out a decent necklace, plus something to make my shirt look better. I actually have a skirt that ordered from Bodyline a little while back, along with a petticoat + socks. In terms of ordering Japanese clothing, shirts are a bit of an issue (and dresses unlikely to happen), as I am not shaped like the average Japanese person. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

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