Why it’s good to take breaks (Drupal + Fences + Field tpl.phps + Dumbness)

So I’m working on a redo of my site in Drupal (finally). I’ve got a custom content type, where I have a term reference that’s displaying taxonomy terms. I’m using the Fences module to cleanup Drupal’s “div diarrhea” issue. And I really wanted my set of taxonomy terms + label to properly wrap themselves in a div so I can easily separate them from other content – but with Fences, the combination of label + terms is wrapped in absolutely nothing. I can’t find a tpl from the Fences options that would work, and then adding a field–[fieldname].tpl.php wasn’t working either: because of Fences being enabled for that field, I’m assuming.

And then I take a break, come back, and realize I can just wrap the render statement for that field, living in my custom node tpl, in a <div>. Welp!

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