So, we’re moving. Here’s the details on that.

At this point I’ve told a few people, but I haven’t really made any announcements as such, and really need to. So, here goes:

1.) I’ve been working contract for Autodesk for the past several months remotely, with occasional trips to SF. They offered me a full time position, and I agreed.

2.) Part of the agreement involves me working on-site. So, as of early-ish October, we’ll be moving to San Francisco. Well, working in San Francisco, but probably living in Oakland. My mood is greatly impacted by weather, and as neat of a city that SF is, the whole ‘damp and dreary most of the time’ thing makes me think I’d be better off living in warmer & sunnier Oakland and commuting in.

3.) And, since I’m gonna be gone by end of October, this means I won’t be a NaNoWriMo ML for the Denver area anymore. It’s been a great several years doing it, and I’m definitely going to miss the Denver NaNo community. That being said, I still plan on attempting NaNo this year (maybe not as focused on hitting 50k, but I’d like to get involved in the SF community).

And some details on all of this:

– Josh is coming with me. He seems pretty excited about the move.
– As much of an awesome opportunity this is, I’m going to miss Denver like crazy. The people here are amazing, the city is amazing, and Colorado in general is amazing. And, never fear, we will come back to visit.
– I plan on going to any game the Rapids play against San Jose. So, come out to away games and say ‘hi’!

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