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So I finally got a tonsillectomy, and here’s what happened

I’d been needing one for a very long time. I would get sore throats at least once every two months, and on a regular basis I would have this feeling of my tonsils being “full”. This meant that I would have to manually squeeze out white goo from their teeny tonsil-holes. Neglecting to do this… Read more »

Adventures in Zombieland

So earlier today, Alysia and I ventured forth as zombies to the Denver Zombie Crawl. This is my 4th of this sort of event – the first three I did back in 2005, 2006, and 2007 in Richmond. Kinda pooped out on them for a bit, I suppose, thus the 2 year gap. It’s bizarre… Read more »

The State of Things

Boy am I sticky! I really shouldn’t be, since this is Colorado and it’s supposed to be super-dry, but sticky I am. My plan is to convince Drew to go swimming upon his waking up. Wish I had time to go tubing – it seems pretty big out here, what with all of these rivers… Read more »

Pak’ma’ra, Netbook and Adventures

Headed out tomorrow morning at a vicious hour, and will arrive in Florida that afternoon. Tuesday, we’ll get to Richmond for a few days of wild excitement and sweating and hopefully AC, and then we head off to the Outer Banks for more sweating and excitement and AC. Might post, might not. My netbook is… Read more »

Adventures with AirTran and spending way too much time in airports

Drew and I attended his grandfather’s funeral in Indiana this past weekend, and it was a hectic weekend indeed. A few days in advance, I booked flights for us on Airtran. Despite the short notice, I got us tickets for around $250 each (hooray for “web only” specials!). Our flight left at 11:00 am from… Read more »

Today’s Random Update

Andrew has finally seen The Wedding Singer, which is one of those movies that I like despite not caring for either of the lead people. I am a sucker for the 80’s. There’s also the fact that the only Adam Sandler movies I tend to enjoy are the ones where he doesn’t act like Adam… Read more »

Adventures on

So back when we first moved to Denver, I signed up for a gazillion different meetups on, as I figured this would be a good way to meet people and such. Not long after that came Meetup Phase #1, which consisted of going to two different hiking meetups. The first one I went to… Read more »

TV, wanderings, and worky work

So first off, we finished watching the first season of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. It’s pretty good! Second season will hopefully be waiting at the library for us in the very near future. We finally got to wander around downtown on Saturday. My google-fu found free parking at a giant REI store, and from there… Read more »

The long drive back from Tennessee

So, last Wednesday night we ended up leaving for Nashville at about 2 in the morning. Errr, we left for Nashville early Thursday morning (somehow, it doesn’t seem to be the next day until the sun actually starts rising). I drove first shift, and got to see a fabulous sunrise in Kansas before attempting to… Read more »

Drupal, the holidays, etc

I feel like I’ve cracked a major milestone, or something, regarding Drupal. I finally figured out how to write a basic module, and it works. Still needs a lot of finessing, but it gives me confidence that I can finish this project I’m working on without that pesky guesswork of knowing what I needing to… Read more »