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Hiking at Elliot Knob, as well as food adventures

First, the hiking. Drew, Julie and I went to Elliot Knob this past weekend. It’s a bit west of Staunton. As an aside, I really enjoy pronouncing Staunton the way people from Staunton actually pronounce it, doing so entertains me greatly. Anyhow, we ventured forth with two dogs and a nice picnic. The trail alternated… Read more »

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the economy.

I am super excited about the snow. It has been years since I’ve seen snow in this glorious of a quantity. The inches keep piling up, and it’s still going strong! I have a recipe for snow pudding that I found which I’m going to attempt, as I’ve never made it before and it would… Read more »

Online art and travel prospects

I’m finally getting around to getting a bunch of art onto some websites for the purposes of selling prints. See, there’s a big pile of such websites out there, the perfect place for people who want wall art to seek it out. It’s about time I started taking advantage of that outside of the pre-existing… Read more »

Hiking Adventures at Beaverdam Park

Drew and I went hiking today at Beaverdam Park. The weather was supernice, so of course we needed to go wander around outside for awhile. It’s located near the Chesapeake Bay, and the drive there was a bit over an hour. We did the loop trail around the lake in a backwards C kinda shape,… Read more »

Ascii Stereogram Maker

I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_I heart fishI hart %fishI har %fishI har %fUishI har %fUishI har %fUis==):^{} (_()==):^} (_F()==)^} (_F()==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(DI… Read more »

Motorcycle Adventures!

Yesterday was rather exciting in that Tracie, who I know from middle school and was visiting from Seattle, was in town, so her and me and Carolyn and Dee got together. Even more exciting was the fact that I rode on the back of Carolyn’s motorcycle to get there. This is the second time in… Read more »

Running around in the woods in the dark until my legs fall off

I went hiking yesterday. In St. Mary’s Wilderness, to be specific, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was educational. Here’s what I learned about hiking: 1.) Unless it’s a trail that’s plastered all over the internet and trail books as being popular, bring a map of some sort. Oops. I ended up walking down… Read more »