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Today’s Random Update

Andrew has finally seen The Wedding Singer, which is one of those movies that I like despite not caring for either of the lead people. I am a sucker for the 80’s. There’s also the fact that the only Adam Sandler movies I tend to enjoy are the ones where he doesn’t act like Adam… Read more »

Gaming, Misc Projects, Jobs, and Media (a.k.a. I Suck At Making Relevant Post Titles)

My current site project right now involves bunches of icons, and I wish I had more time for it. I’m also trying to get myself in gear with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I’ve never written a pitch before and it’s a tough slog at this point. My writing tendencies are entirely too stream-of-consciousness for… Read more »

Ads and Jobs and Books and Such

So I’m distracted on the internet, reading some news article on the ABC website, when I notice an ad for some ponzu lime sauce in a side banner. Now, I got to go to the Pacific Mercantile Market in downtown Denver yesterday (which has the best selection of Japanese products I’ve ever seen, incidentally). And,… Read more »

Halloween and Burritos and NaNoWriMo, oh my!

So Halloween was fun. I dressed up as a purple raccoon, which I think I’ve done for the last 4 years. See, I put some decent effort into making the ears and tail back in the day, and I would consider it a tragedy to not have continuous opportunities to wear said ears and tail…. Read more »

Adventures in unpacking, future adventures in writing, etc.

We are 99% unpacked. This is an achievement, as we didn’t reach that state at the last apartment until about 8 months in. I am super happy with Drew for being rather gung-ho about getting everything out of boxes and onto shelves and such. It also helped that we got a ginormous 7′ x 3′… Read more »

Twilight (the last post about it, honest!)

I finished the series, finally. It was addictive to the end. In some ways satisfying, in other ways rather frustrating. I wrote a rambling review of it on Goodreads, should anyone care. I will include a brief snippet here, something that in scanning over reviews of the books I just hadn’t seen touched on at… Read more »

Job hunting, Florida, and more Twilight

So I spent a bunch of time finessing my resume, seeking out references, trying to figure out how to write a salary history that doesn’t make my actual salary history look wacky, and writing the perfect cover letter, all for a job that sounded rather ideal. I submit the materials, only to get an email… Read more »

Babble about books

First off, this is highly amusing (if you know programming stuffs at least), especially with the alt text: I was a bit disappointed back when I saw Blade Runner. It’s entirely likely that had I seen it when it came out (rather then about 4 years ago), I’d have had a higher opinion of… Read more »

Art, Books, and Cats

I sold the piece I entered up in Baltimore, this piece to be precise. I won’t be sure of how much I get for it until I get the check (it was an art auction), but it’s at least 50 bucks (I started at $100, and the gallery keeps 50%). Entirely too little, based on… Read more »

Sushi and Twilight!

I’m gonna totally spam now, but I made some super awesome sushi the other day and wrote a post about it at my food blog, so go check out my super fun sushi time if such things intrigue you! By the way, I finished the first Twilight book. I don’t think the writing is terribly… Read more »