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Hey look I made a frilly EGL head thing

Gonna do the Harajuku fashion walk this Friday at NDK. Taking a stab a pulling off gothic lolita style. So I made this headdress and these bracelet things. Unlike most of my sewing experiments, the headdress actually came out looking pretty decent. Sewed a long, narrow rectangle out of some tulle-like fabric for the base…. Read more »

Laundry should really be done on a regular basis

<div class=\"postavatar\">Laundry should really be done on a regular basis</div>

<div class=\"postavatar\"></div> I’ve somehow managed to go about 3 weeks without doing laundry. I was super overloaded with work, then I was super overloaded with vacation, then I was super overloaded with “crap, there’s no detergent and I am too lazy to go buy some.” Had enough clothes, considering a week of those three was… Read more »

Procrastination Station!

I’ve been wanting to go on a bike ride for awhile, but I keep finding reasons to not do it! I want to paint too, but I keep getting distracted! As soon as I start working again, I’ll suddenly *really* want to do both of these things. But as of right now, when I’ve got… Read more »

The State of Things

Boy am I sticky! I really shouldn’t be, since this is Colorado and it’s supposed to be super-dry, but sticky I am. My plan is to convince Drew to go swimming upon his waking up. Wish I had time to go tubing – it seems pretty big out here, what with all of these rivers… Read more »

Gaming, Misc Projects, Jobs, and Media (a.k.a. I Suck At Making Relevant Post Titles)

My current site project right now involves bunches of icons, and I wish I had more time for it. I’m also trying to get myself in gear with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I’ve never written a pitch before and it’s a tough slog at this point. My writing tendencies are entirely too stream-of-consciousness for… Read more »

Shameless Plug + Yay, Jeans!

So I made bacon sushi. It was awesome enough that I feel this strange urge to cross-post the blog I wrote about it pretty much everyplace I can. There are pictures and details located here! Also, thank you to whoever advised me try the Old Navy “Sweetheart” jeans. They fit and are really comfortable, despite… Read more »

Grocery Stores, Delicious Juices, etc

Safeway is weird. The one in Fountain is all fru-fru, and our first visit there lead us to believe that grocery prices out here were godawfully expensive. But no, it was just that Safeway, as the Walmart down the street had the same prices as places in VA. So we’re up in Arvada now, and… Read more »

In defense of scrunchies!

So I’m wasting time, as I am want to do when I sit down in front of this computer, and I end up reading some article regarding 90’s fashion making a comeback. It mentions scrunchies, and how they’re totally coming back. And here I am thinking, “They went away at some point?” See, my hair… Read more »

Salami Day T-Shirts!

It’s the moment that you all have been waiting for…Salami Day shirts are finally available to the public! There’s two designs at the moment (and hopefully two more to come in the near future), available in a select variety of shirt styles and colors. September’s just around the corner, so get your Salami Day t-shirt… Read more »

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the economy.

I am super excited about the snow. It has been years since I’ve seen snow in this glorious of a quantity. The inches keep piling up, and it’s still going strong! I have a recipe for snow pudding that I found which I’m going to attempt, as I’ve never made it before and it would… Read more »