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Procrastination Station!

I’ve been wanting to go on a bike ride for awhile, but I keep finding reasons to not do it! I want to paint too, but I keep getting distracted! As soon as I start working again, I’ll suddenly *really* want to do both of these things. But as of right now, when I’ve got… Read more »

My poor smooshed car

So my car is ‘fixed’. Or about as fixed as I’m capable of making it. I ordered the rear brake light, and that came in the other day. I was worried that I might have difficulty trying to attach it, but it attached with a single plug, no wiring involved or anything. We popped out… Read more »

Magical Deoderant Plus Bonus Car Question!

First off, I would like to announce that my underarms smell like pina colada. I got a “tropical island” scented deodorant, and it makes me want to drink whenever I smell it. So I drive a Kia Rio, and it has a 96 hp and a 28.1 LB / HP ratio. While I am not… Read more »

Firefox, keyboards, diving for goodies, and my beloved Steelcase chair.

So is it just me, or has Firefox been really slow since the last update? It takes for-freaking-ever to load pages. I’m paranoid I’ve gotten some sort of weird virus on it. I’m hoping that maybe it’s some sort of issue with the latest version instead, though, mostly because viruses are a huge pain. Chrome… Read more »