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Drupal 7 entity reference field is displaying unpublished content

So I had a view with an exposed filter, to filter the content type by an entity reference field which was referencing another content type. However, it included unpublished items. So I traced the problem back to the content type, which also listed unpublished nodes as options to select for that field. Entity reference, by… Read more »

Drush throwing ‘Segmentation fault: 11’ error thanks to node_modules dir in inconvenient location

So I recently started seeing a ‘Segmentation fault: 11’ error whenever I ran a drush command for my various Drupal sites at work. So some research turned up this very helpful post: The problem, as it turned out, was related to the fact that we use node/npm to compile our SASS. When installing the… Read more »

My fancybox stopped working!

So I was randomly puttering around on and made the scandalous discovery that, in the art section, none of the images were opening in lightboxes. For shame! First came denial: I went through a brief period of self-doubt where I began questioning whether the lightboxes had ever really worked in the first place. The… Read more »

Feed me, Seymour!

So I use LJ to read blog feeds. And I had a new one to add. However, you can only create new feeds if you have a paid account. Which I no longer have, as I just don’t use LJ nearly as much as I used to. As it is, the majority of my LJ… Read more »

Laptop Quandries

So, for various reasons, I am currently debating getting a laptop, primarily for web development purposes. I’ve got a vague idea of what I need: a decent screen size (at least 15 inches, I’m thinking), don’t care if it’s light or heavy, decent amount of RAM (at least 3 gigs, I’m thinking), enough processor speed… Read more »

Site Update!

I’ve been finagling around with fiddly stuff on my art/design website, trying to make it prettier as well as more functional. As it was pretty much the first site I tried building with php, it was chock full of obfuscated logic and gobbly-gook and having to snout around entirely too much to find what I’m… Read more »

Wheels and New Toys

First off, here’s a question for anyone who knows more about cars then I do: I have a 2002 Kia Rio, and my spare tire’s rim is busted (along with the tire itself). I recently got new tires put on my car, and I’ve got the nicest of the old ones in my trunk, as… Read more »

Firefox, keyboards, diving for goodies, and my beloved Steelcase chair.

So is it just me, or has Firefox been really slow since the last update? It takes for-freaking-ever to load pages. I’m paranoid I’ve gotten some sort of weird virus on it. I’m hoping that maybe it’s some sort of issue with the latest version instead, though, mostly because viruses are a huge pain. Chrome… Read more »