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I made up a theory involving toilet paper & fruits/vegetables

So I was sitting there, as you do in the bathroom, and I came up with this theory on toilet paper. I think that if you were to compile purchase histories at your average grocery store, you’d find that quality of toilet paper purchased correlates inversely with the amount of fruits & vegetables purchased. So,… Read more »

An Update on Things

So as it now stands, in a little less than 2 weeks, I’m back to being on my own again. Chris has a really good opportunity to move to Florida, and as right now the only thing that’s holding him in CO is me, he’s going to take that opportunity. It’s more or less breaking… Read more »

Adventures in Tumors

The following may be TMI for anyone who falls into that teeny venn diagram slice where “male” and “wussy” overlap. You have been warned! So, a little while back, I started bleeding and didn’t stop for 2 months. At points it was very light, but nonetheless, still blood. I’d had a yearly exam 8 months… Read more »

I randomly found a “to-do in 2012” list

These sorts of lists usually end up containing much more optimism than realism, and this list is no exception to that. It was scrawled out in one of my random notebooks. Let’s see what I wanted to get done, versus what I *actually* got done: Finish 2011 NaNo CYOA novel Hah. Haven’t touched it since… Read more »

Dropbox Saves the Day!

So I’m super into keeping my files organized via directory structure. For example, as much as I like the sorting capabilities of iTunes, I dislike that it sorts based on artist in the actual directory structure, meaning all of my awesome mix CDs are structurally compromised and split apart when importing, unless I make a… Read more »

I scanned the QR code on my banana and got a link farm

I wasn’t really expecting to find a QR code on my banana in the first place. I had a strong impulse to ignore it and stick to my original plan of just eating the banana. But no! The QR code got scanned. And took me to… Which is a horrible waste of a QR code…. Read more »

Whereupon I Complain About Apartments

Or rather, I’ll complain about my specific apartment. It’s not a bad apartment, mind you. The location is really great – I walk to work, any pretty much anywhere I want to get to in downtown Denver is a short walk away (or a short walk to the free MallRide bus) and I’ve got close… Read more »

Jurors, Food, Work, Life, Etc..

I feel pretty awful for the jurors of the Casey Anthony case, and am looking forward to this whole thing dropping out of the spotlight sometime soon. For those that don’t know, I was on the jury for a murder trial a few years back. It was a fairly short trial, 3 1/2 days including… Read more »

A mish-mash of minute updates

So I woke up in the middle of the night last night with some of the worst muscle cramping in my calf ever, it still hurts right now. Need to look into how to avoid Charley Horses and such. We’ve got visionary dreams of biking to Golden today. However, I have cramps. And Drew works… Read more »

Upcoming Adventures + Babylon 5

I’m apparently going to be traveling a bit coming up soon, meaning that it’s a very good thing that I’ve got a giant stack of free travel courtesy of Airtran. This Friday, we’re headed for Florida for Drew’s other grandfather’s funeral (we went to Drew’s first grandfather’s funeral 2 months ago, and then 2 months… Read more »