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Wheels Within Wheels

My bike has a flat tire. The last time my bike had a flat tire, I spent an hour wrangling with it, getting saturated with dirt and grease, only to have the inner-tube not on correctly and need to go to the shop to get it redone anyhow. That was the back tire though, the… Read more »

The long drive back from Tennessee

So, last Wednesday night we ended up leaving for Nashville at about 2 in the morning. Errr, we left for Nashville early Thursday morning (somehow, it doesn’t seem to be the next day until the sun actually starts rising). I drove first shift, and got to see a fabulous sunrise in Kansas before attempting to… Read more »

Watch out for little rubber thingies when you change your oil

So we attempted to change Drew’s oil yesterday. I couldn’t get the up-until-now-machine-screwed-in oil plug off, but he could, so that was alright. The oil filter was located in a godawful place behind a bunch of various car innards such that I really needed a few extra joints to reach it properly. Our new wrench… Read more »

Lubricants and pliers and meats and other fun things

So my car needed an oil change. We picked up the oil and filter, and, as the wrench I’ve been using was Carolyn’s, I looked for a new wrench. All they seemed to have at Advance Auto were these weird belt wrenches, which I’d never used before. As Drew needed help figuring out stuff for… Read more »

My poor smooshed car

So my car is ‘fixed’. Or about as fixed as I’m capable of making it. I ordered the rear brake light, and that came in the other day. I was worried that I might have difficulty trying to attach it, but it attached with a single plug, no wiring involved or anything. We popped out… Read more »

Adventures in unpacking, future adventures in writing, etc.

We are 99% unpacked. This is an achievement, as we didn’t reach that state at the last apartment until about 8 months in. I am super happy with Drew for being rather gung-ho about getting everything out of boxes and onto shelves and such. It also helped that we got a ginormous 7′ x 3′… Read more »

Here’s some handy sexual assault prevention tips

1. Don’t put drugs in people’s drinks in order to control their behavior. 2. When you see someone walking by themselves, leave them alone! 3. If you pull over to help someone with car problems, remember not to assault them! 4. NEVER open an unlocked door or window uninvited. 5. If you are in an… Read more »

More Job Stuff

So I didn’t get the sushi job. Which is unfortunate, as I was rather excited about the opportunity and felt like the interview went really well. Like, I felt like I proved my skills, that I interacted well with the guy I talked to as well as with a few people at the bar, I… Read more »

More updates on the following weekend

I am posting this link because I am ridiculous like that. It’s been cheap/free furniture time lately! We’ve got two desks: paid $20 for one, it’s decent but definitely used. We got a second desk completely free off of Craigslist, it’s a corner desk that all we had to do was disassemble and remove from… Read more »

Hooray for work!

I’m working on a freelance job right now, building a website for a company that makes routers. I’m getting the opportunity to work with Drupal, which is useful. It’s one of those programs where I wanted an excuse to learn it, but how do you learn something like that unless you have a website idea… Read more »