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Return to Richmond

So Drew and I got an apartment in Arvada (a town just outside of Denver). This means that we have a place to put all of our stuff, meaning we shall be returning to Richmond to get all out said stuff (along with attending Charlie & Tara’s wedding). We got awesome tickets back (Jetblue, $100… Read more »

Picture Show: A Great Cheap Theater in Colorado Springs

So, the Picture Show theatre in Colorado Springs is fabulous for a cheap date night, or really for any time you want to spend barely any money to see a movie. It’s $1.50 per person ($.75 on Tuesdays!), and there are eight movie screens, so if you’re willing to wait a bit after movies come… Read more »

Free Underwear!

So in the past several weeks, two separate free underwear coupons have arrived from Victoria’s Secret. Well, technically they said “free panty”, but I think “panty” sounds kind of sissy, so I say “underwear”. In any case, I used both today, bringing Drew along to satisfy the “one coupon per customer” requirement. The coupon also… Read more »


So I have this two-year contract with Clearwire for high-speed internet, and I managed to move with 6 months of it left. Unfortunately, they charge a horrendous cancellation fee to the tune of $180. In the effort of avoiding having to pay this, I decided to pass off the modem and account to someone else… Read more »

Update on the state of things

Drew and I ventured over to Manitou Springs today, which is this really neat town on the edge of Pike’s Peak. Much barbecue and chocolate were consumed. I’m trying to do a fair bit of biking, because a.) The weather is fabulous: sunny, rather warm, and when I sweat it immediately dissipitates, b.) it’s an… Read more »

Alive and well, with hail

Just wanted to make a quick post to let people I got here safely, for the most part. Kansas was flat and gorgeous, but the insects tore up my legs and ankles. No good at all! Estha made the trip more or less OK, she was happier being out of her carrier and meandering around… Read more »

About Velutha the Cat, amongst other things

Packing is going along as well as packing can. Still need to get a few things on Craigslist, still need to try to pawn some items off on friends as well. Recently spent a glorious couple of days watching Boogiepop Phantom. I really liked the series and need to find more anime like that to… Read more »

Free stuff + link!

First off, For anyone who wants to better understand how bra sizes really work, I recommend reading this rather amusing article. Also, as I am moving sooner then later, I have various objects who would love to have new homes. First off: the aloe plant. I have a rather overgrown aloe plant that I really… Read more »

Interviews and moving and such

So I’ve now managed to secure two interviews, one on the 6th and one on the 7th, both with recruiter-types, and both for Colorado Springs positions. Admittedly, my target area was more for Denver, but I’m just looking forward to being employed at a place that gives me dollars which is in Colorado. I really… Read more »

Adventures with zinc and fighting menstrual evils

So I start my period in four days. And thus, I start taking zinc today. According to various things I’ve been reading online, I can all but avoid the evil painful cramps I generally have by taking 30-90 mg of zing starting a few days before my period begins. The unfortunate side effect of this… Read more »