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So, we’re moving. Here’s the details on that.

At this point I’ve told a few people, but I haven’t really made any announcements as such, and really need to. So, here goes: 1.) I’ve been working contract for Autodesk for the past several months remotely, with occasional trips to SF. They offered me a full time position, and I agreed. 2.) Part of… Read more »

On C-Levels, and Changing Your Circle of Focus

So I’ve been noticing this thing at various companies that I’ve done work for. So you’ve got a project that’s coming along swimmingly, the team’s cranking out their tasks, and then in comes the person (or people) on top who gives input that completely alters the path of the project, not to mention the timeline…. Read more »

Reason #83727423 Why Society Depresses Me

Here’s an article about a 13 year old girl who committed suicide after having texted a picture of her breasts to some kid, then having it spread all over her school and getting harassed. And here’s some interesting perspective on it. This is depressing on numerous levels to me. First, I have to wonder if… Read more »

Happy Salami Day!!!

Today is indeed Salami Day, be sure to eat some delicious meats to celebrate!

Land fish and sea kittens

So apparently PETA is trying to rename fish ‘sea kittens’, under the guise that fish get a bad rap and need a new name so people think they’re cuter. This is crazy talk. Fish are cuter then cats any day. I would hug a fish if given the opportunity. I try to, on a regular… Read more »

Poor Sparks

Waah! They’re decaffeinating Sparks! Stupid states. Sparks is my preferred alcoholic beverage of choice when out on the town. It is frothy and delicious and not too sweet, and even keeps me awake! Apparently it’s current form goes off the shelves Jan 10, so I’ve got time to stock up. At least it hasn’t been… Read more »