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TV, wanderings, and worky work

So first off, we finished watching the first season of the Sarah Conner Chronicles. It’s pretty good! Second season will hopefully be waiting at the library for us in the very near future. We finally got to wander around downtown on Saturday. My google-fu found free parking at a giant REI store, and from there… Read more »

Random signs from around Colorado

Yay, photo post! I realized I had several good signs that were in dire need of being dumped onto the internet for all to see:

The job hunt continues

So Drew is currently on a plane back to Richmond. He’s got his final exam to take, and then he’s all done with school and has his political science degree. Then both of us can be busy not being able to find jobs, yay! I actually had an interview last Thursday, a nice long phone… Read more »

More random updates from Colorado

Let see, last Friday we managed to hit four Chick-fil-a restaurants. I wore my usual cow blanket plus horns, Drew wore a white plastic bag with holes cut in it and a black shirt underneath, along with some horns. Twas very exciting. They’ve got free breakfast entree Tuesdays going on this month, but the nearest… Read more »

Estha at her finest

Estha was either really curious when we got to our hotel a few days back, or was really thirsty. This is a local street near where Drew’s aunt lives: All of this is cross-posted from my facebook photo dump, btw. However, if you are anything like me and are terrified enough of the gobblydegook that… Read more »