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I finally got around to updating my professional site, so I’ll write some boring details about the process

I updated It had sat untouched for almost 4 years prior, and really needed it. It’s been through approximately 2398475293847 iterations. The Wayback Machine has its first record of on January 26, 2002. I believe I created the first design for a class project, and then went from there. In terms of sites… Read more »

Adding active trail classes to your menu links in Drupal 7

So I’m working on a site with a gallery page with /art as a path, along with single artworks pages with the path art/[title]. When on a single artwork page, I still wanted the visual indicator that the user was in the main “art” section of the website, ideally by highlighting the /art links in… Read more »

Why it’s good to take breaks (Drupal + Fences + Field tpl.phps + Dumbness)

So I’m working on a redo of my site in Drupal (finally). I’ve got a custom content type, where I have a term reference that’s displaying taxonomy terms. I’m using the Fences module to cleanup Drupal’s “div diarrhea” issue. And I really wanted my set of taxonomy terms + label to properly wrap themselves in… Read more »

Profitability & hotfix to release ratios in Agile environments

So I have this theory that, for the average company that uses Agile, the hotfix to release ratio directly correlates with the success of a company. OK, so “success” is pretty vague, so let’s look at it in more specific terms. Profitability Let’s say a given company’s hotfix to release ratio is very high. So… Read more »

Rendering fontcustom icons in print view in Chrome and Safari

So, I’ve got a bunch of fontcustom icons I’m using on a website. Great project, makes it really easy to generate icons into a font that renders well on pretty much every device. Except when printing in Chrome and Safari. I had several icons sitting in table cells, and their height expanded to the height… Read more »

Drupal menu_callback item using ajax callback renders full page

It’s pretty annoying when you only want a few variables, rendered nicely on screen with your tpl.php, and you end up getting the entire page when you do an ajax callback to that function. Apparently you need to print/echo whatever you want rendered on the page rather than return it (as you would for a… Read more »

So like 12 years ago, I wrote a song about Java

I don’t know why I’m not asleep right now. I got distracted and was looking through old stuff, and apparently I wrote a song about Java a long time ago. So I’m gonna post it, because the internet is for po…sting songs about java. I met it in a program due the week before last,… Read more »