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OMG I am in love with SVG graphics + CSS transitions

So let’s just say that this is my first time working with SVG. Never touched the stuff before, but I’d heard the rumors. So, SVG? It’s a graphic generated from code that you can actually read, all living in an XML file. So I can make a graphic, and if I’m feeling like a bum… Read more »

How I got around a WordPress code injection

A friend recently had her WordPress site hacked. Viewing the source code revealed a <div style=”display: none;”></div> tag in the header, with a bunch of spammy links within that div. I took a look at both the code and the database, but as I haven’t had much experience in looking for injection (and the Google… Read more »

403 errors and SSL Certificates using IIS7 on Windows 2008

Through the will of the gods, I somehow ended up as a client’s sysadmin for their Windows Server. Their site had an SSL certificate that I managed to get installed. However, there were a few folks that kept getting these pesky 403 errors when they tried to view any page with the SSL certificate in… Read more »

Sudo lets me edit all kinds of nutty things!

Still learning how to do as many things as possible from the command line here, am writing this down for future reference for myself. If I try to edit a file, and I’m all like “vi filename” and I do my edits and am all like “:w”, and it’s all like “no, you need to… Read more »

Using the jQuery clone() method with a lightbox

So I’m using Flexslider, which is a jQuery slideshow with some great touch capabilities. However, it only displays one slide at a time, so I hacked at it until I got it to display 3. Of course, only later did I realize that someone already forked it on Github like 2 months ago and did… Read more »

Distraction is the name of the game, kids

Nanowrimo is in full swing, and I totally hit 35,000 today. It’s so much easier to write (for me, at least) choose your own adventure books than regular books. No more deciding which direction to take, I can just go in every direction! The story’s pretty meandering so far – I like trying to tie… Read more »