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Using CSS3 text-shadow to create fun text effects

So I’ve been playing around with new CSS3 tags, and I just realized a fun effect you can make doing text-shadow. If you set the color of your text the same as your background color, you can create an outline effect. The following uses ‘style=”font-size: 24px; color: #000; text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #e82aff;’. Yay for… Read more »

Drupal, the holidays, etc

I feel like I’ve cracked a major milestone, or something, regarding Drupal. I finally figured out how to write a basic module, and it works. Still needs a lot of finessing, but it gives me confidence that I can finish this project I’m working on without that pesky guesswork of knowing what I needing to… Read more »

Impending Christmas and such

So Christmas shopping is almost over! I got (mostly) everything boxed up and shipped stuff back to Richmond yesterday, we’ll see if parcel post comes through and allows things to get there by Xmas. If not, no biggie, it’s kinda exciting when you’ve got bonus presents to open after the 25th anyhow. Shipping was painful,… Read more »

Delicious items, my social life, and other ramblings

First off, I’m mostly all about taking a ride on disco sticks. Also, the huge squids! I feel that baboons and raccoon must be the most fantabulous things around, as they feel much the same way I do about hedgehogs. Once in a while, when the sausage gods have smiled upon me, I will partake… Read more »

Ads and Jobs and Books and Such

So I’m distracted on the internet, reading some news article on the ABC website, when I notice an ad for some ponzu lime sauce in a side banner. Now, I got to go to the Pacific Mercantile Market in downtown Denver yesterday (which has the best selection of Japanese products I’ve ever seen, incidentally). And,… Read more »

CakePHP Form Validation: Making Your Error Messages Change Color

When you build a form with Cake and have any sort of validation, it would be nice to have a means for the displayed error message to distinguish itself from the rest of the text (in my particular case, making the text red). Unfortunately, Cake doesn’t seem to have anything built in to easily do… Read more »

Javascript Ramblings, Etc.

So I’ve got this textbox that you can expand and contract, because of this the textbox is created by javascript rather then by html. I decided I wanted some BBcode capabilities, so I found a script that was similar to what I needed and made some snazzy images to go with it. It works fine… Read more »

Ascii Stereogram Maker

I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_I heart fishI hart %fishI har %fishI har %fUishI har %fUishI har %fUis==):^{} (_()==):^} (_F()==)^} (_F()==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(DI… Read more »