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I painted and varnished a table that someone threw out

So there’s a spot in the basement of my apartment building where people, usually when moving out, will dump unwanted items, primarily furniture. I always pass this spot when I take out my recycling, usually 1 out of every 3 times there’s something there. On one lucky day about 2 weeks ago, someone had dumped… Read more »

Hey look I made a frilly EGL head thing

Gonna do the Harajuku fashion walk this Friday at NDK. Taking a stab a pulling off gothic lolita style. So I made this headdress and these bracelet things. Unlike most of my sewing experiments, the headdress actually came out looking pretty decent. Sewed a long, narrow rectangle out of some tulle-like fabric for the base…. Read more »

I be illin’, etc.

I hate being sick. Then again, I doubt anyone actually enjoys it. There are all different tiers to being sick, and much like Dante’s Inferno, each has it’s own sort of misery attached to it. I’m not even that sick, just the standard sore throat/stuffy nose/headache/fatigue. And I’m *hungry*. I’m never hungry when I’m sick,… Read more »

Pak’ma’ra, Netbook and Adventures

Headed out tomorrow morning at a vicious hour, and will arrive in Florida that afternoon. Tuesday, we’ll get to Richmond for a few days of wild excitement and sweating and hopefully AC, and then we head off to the Outer Banks for more sweating and excitement and AC. Might post, might not. My netbook is… Read more »

Social Icons Font Set

So there’s all these websites that have little square icons allowing you to RSS the site, link the site to another site, etc.. I’d been reading about CSS’s ability to include a font in your stylesheet using @font-face, expanding the number of fonts you can see on a web page beyond just the standard set…. Read more »

On Writing, Designing, Games, and Beer

So I had this dream last night where I was a character in some Bleach episode, and I was trying to build PDFs out of CNC router parts. This sums up my last couple of weeks pretty well. The website is launched, though there are still things that need to be done to it before… Read more »

Gaming, Misc Projects, Jobs, and Media (a.k.a. I Suck At Making Relevant Post Titles)

My current site project right now involves bunches of icons, and I wish I had more time for it. I’m also trying to get myself in gear with the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I’ve never written a pitch before and it’s a tough slog at this point. My writing tendencies are entirely too stream-of-consciousness for… Read more »

On jobs and programs and that holiday thing going on right now

First off, Drew has a job. Yay! He was supposed to be just part-time, but they want him to go full time. He’ll be doing recruiting for an online college. Another phone job, which is admittedly what he was doing before he got his degree, and doesn’t have much to do with political science. Apparently… Read more »

Quest for the Fountain of Life is now available in paperback!

So, about a year ago, I did Nanowrimo (aka National Novel Writing Month). I wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure style book, primarily as a means to test out the Storypath system I’d recently built on Anyhow, I liked what I wrote, and have spent chunks of the last year editing it and finessing… Read more »

Illustrative Art Stuffs and Getting One’s Dance On

So here’s something exciting: Forrest’s card game (Furoticon) is now live, and I have art in it! Yay! So this means that I now have two instances of illustrative artwork that is published, neither of which I can put on a resume, especially together. One is art in an erotic furry card game, and the… Read more »