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Jewelry for fun and profit

So here’s a rundown on how I did at the Black Market this past Thursday. I made a bit over $40 total, got rid of some stuff, and now have more stuff then I need. I made a bunch of jewelry in anticipation of people potentially wanting jewelry. However, for what I made, this was… Read more »

Salami Day T-Shirts!

It’s the moment that you all have been waiting for…Salami Day shirts are finally available to the public! There’s two designs at the moment (and hopefully two more to come in the near future), available in a select variety of shirt styles and colors. September’s just around the corner, so get your Salami Day t-shirt… Read more »


So you know what’s really stupid? Pine Sol. Have you ever read the back of the bottle? It is not recommended for wood floors. In fact, the things it recommends using the stuff for are tiles and ceramic type surfaces and whatnot. Why mention pine in the name when you can’t actually use it on… Read more »

Art and Salamis

I don’t think I’d mentioned this here yet, but a few weeks ago I got all excited over a working scanner and scanned a bunch of art, all of this mostly inspired by someone who contacted me regarding acquiring prints for a school library display she was doing on dystopian literature. So I had a… Read more »

Ascii Stereogram Maker

I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_()==):^{} (_I heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fishI heart fi==):^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_()==)1^{} (_I heart fishI hart %fishI har %fishI har %fUishI har %fUishI har %fUis==):^{} (_()==):^} (_F()==)^} (_F()==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(D)==)^} (_F(DI… Read more »

Avocado Video!

I made a video to enter into a video contest (the “Avocado Video Bowl”) sponsored by Avocados from Mexico. My video stars two of my utensils, Ms. Spoon and Mr. Spatula. They are doing a cooking show about how to make ceviche. Please watch it, it’s super cheesy and super exciting! Five videos get selected… Read more »

New Years Resolutions that you can keep!

I had a fit of ‘quiz’-making ambition lately, so I made another one. Your New Years Resolution is…Remind other people of their failed resolutions. You can easily meet this resolution starting sometime around late February. Just start asking your friends how they’re doing with that weight loss. Getting their money’s worth out of that gym… Read more »

Bad Holiday Gifts ‘Quiz’ Time!

Ok, this isn’t technically a quiz. It’s more like a ‘click a box and get a result’. Still, in the interest of working some Illustrator skills, as well as spreading the Adsense love, it done got made. So, here’s some holiday entertainment! This holiday season, you’ll be getting…A Furby Some people are just packrats, and… Read more »

Stereogram Adventures!

I’ve been playing around with stereogram stuff (AKA Magic Eye), because it’s super fun. I’ve kinda figured out how to make them in photoshop, basic ones at least. Can you see anything?

Disco Inferno 4000 Processing Unit

Holy cow, I forgot I made this! Many moons ago (and by ‘moons’ I mean ‘months’) I was really bored, and needed something extra for Drew’s birthday. So I made a really bad website and spelled out ‘Happy Birthday’ on it and emailed the link to him. I dubbed it the Disco Inferno 4000 Processing… Read more »