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On writing, summer, JS, life in general, tl;dr, etc.

So let’s just say I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon. Not so much for this blog – I never intended it to be all that regular, and will likely never see myself returning to the heyday of livejournal with my 2-3 posts a day and whatnot. However, food blog is pretty much dead in the… Read more »

Mystery lists

I cleaned today. Went through piles and piles of things. I’ve got scads of notebooks, and it’s bizarre to see what kind of random crap shows up in said notebooks from eons ago, things that I can’t even begin to interpret. I found this list, which appears to be in Drew’s handwriting, and neither of… Read more »

Poor little Nanowrimo and other babble

I should be going to bed right now, but instead I will type. I should be working on Nanowrimo, but unfortunately I have 25.5 hours to write 15,000 words. I won the last two years, so on some level I’ve decided it’s OK to lose this year. It’s weird, too – I stalled out earlier… Read more »

Chipotle, why hast thou forsaken me?

For the past few years, Drew & I have participated in Chipotle’s “Dress up as a burrito to get a free burrito” on Halloween dealio. Pretty sweet, considering all you need to do is have some tin foil on your body to be considered dressing like a burrito. We heard recently that they were going… Read more »

I be illin’, etc.

I hate being sick. Then again, I doubt anyone actually enjoys it. There are all different tiers to being sick, and much like Dante’s Inferno, each has it’s own sort of misery attached to it. I’m not even that sick, just the standard sore throat/stuffy nose/headache/fatigue. And I’m *hungry*. I’m never hungry when I’m sick,… Read more »

Attack of the Wandering Salesman

So it was about 4:30 or so, and I was sitting at my computer at my new job doing whatever work I happened to be doing at the time. The door opens to the right of me, and a preppily-dressed guy walks in. This is abnormal. Firstly, because no one at this job dresses close… Read more »

Why it’s best to delete all Craigslist-related emails with poor grammar

So I found a lot of sushi plates on Craigslist for $35. Twenty single serving roll plates in three different styles, plus a bunch of bowls for soup, salad, and sauces. For $35! I’ve been wanting to have something more appropriate for serving sushi, so I emailed the person. I get a one sentence response…. Read more »

Just a quick update, mostly about work

I have no time for anything (except this brief post, apparently). Went on a 1.5 week trip, a vacation & funeral combo, to FL and VA and NC, got to see lots of people, make/eat lots of sushi, splish around in lots of water, and a good time was had by all. My recruiter had… Read more »

The Census, Bras, Too Much TV, and Insane Colorado Weather

The Census hasn’t changed much as the last time I wrote. Or rather, things change constantly, but in minor ways and at a pretty constant rate. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to two people who a.) refused to answer some information and were b.) polite and respectful. I was getting afraid that either… Read more »

Today’s Random Update

Andrew has finally seen The Wedding Singer, which is one of those movies that I like despite not caring for either of the lead people. I am a sucker for the 80’s. There’s also the fact that the only Adam Sandler movies I tend to enjoy are the ones where he doesn’t act like Adam… Read more »