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Delicious items, my social life, and other ramblings

First off, I’m mostly all about taking a ride on disco sticks. Also, the huge squids! I feel that baboons and raccoon must be the most fantabulous things around, as they feel much the same way I do about hedgehogs. Once in a while, when the sausage gods have smiled upon me, I will partake… Read more »

Reason #83727423 Why Society Depresses Me

Here’s an article about a 13 year old girl who committed suicide after having texted a picture of her breasts to some kid, then having it spread all over her school and getting harassed. And here’s some interesting perspective on it. This is depressing on numerous levels to me. First, I have to wonder if… Read more »

“Divisible by 365 (minus those pesky leap years)” day, plus random ingestible media

So this is the part where I say goodbye forever to my 20s. Yee-haw. For my birthday, I would like an income and a drivers side rear brake light, please. Oh, and sushi. Mmm sushi. I’ve recently discovered the joys of a magical manga series about cooking called Oishinbo. I don’t generally get into manga… Read more »

Snow! Plus bonus text message complaints!

It snowed here this morning. Super magical! Not too much, and it didn’t stick all well, but it was still exciting. Look, I took pictures: Poor flowers! Yay mountains! In other news, I no longer have any of my text messages. My phone randomly decided to display a message stating that I had no more… Read more »

Ramblings and such

I am downloading some Learn Hindi stuff. Once I have some spare time and spare brain space, I think it would be neat/useful to pick up some Hindi. That, and to get back into picking up the Spanish again. And maybe try to revive the dregs of my forgotten high school French. I would like… Read more »

Magical Deoderant Plus Bonus Car Question!

First off, I would like to announce that my underarms smell like pina colada. I got a “tropical island” scented deodorant, and it makes me want to drink whenever I smell it. So I drive a Kia Rio, and it has a 96 hp and a 28.1 LB / HP ratio. While I am not… Read more »

Cow Gods and such

I am so itching for a new camera right now. Mine’s stuck at 5.0 mp, and does not zoom worth crap. It was super awesome three years ago though. Too bad a new camera is completely not justifiable when one has no steady income. Especially considering the camera that’s got me the most excited right… Read more »

The job hunt continues

So Drew is currently on a plane back to Richmond. He’s got his final exam to take, and then he’s all done with school and has his political science degree. Then both of us can be busy not being able to find jobs, yay! I actually had an interview last Thursday, a nice long phone… Read more »