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In defense of scrunchies!

So I’m wasting time, as I am want to do when I sit down in front of this computer, and I end up reading some article regarding 90’s fashion making a comeback. It mentions scrunchies, and how they’re totally coming back. And here I am thinking, “They went away at some point?” See, my hair… Read more »

At some point recently, Drew and I began gargling tea like nobody’s business. We’ve got green tea, brown rice green tea, oolong tea, and female treasure tea. I still need to get Drew to drink some female treasure tea. Then, after that, I’ll get a box of the male treasure tea (or whatever the male… Read more »

Job hunting, Florida, and more Twilight

So I spent a bunch of time finessing my resume, seeking out references, trying to figure out how to write a salary history that doesn’t make my actual salary history look wacky, and writing the perfect cover letter, all for a job that sounded rather ideal. I submit the materials, only to get an email… Read more »

Babble about books

First off, this is highly amusing (if you know programming stuffs at least), especially with the alt text: I was a bit disappointed back when I saw Blade Runner. It’s entirely likely that had I seen it when it came out (rather then about 4 years ago), I’d have had a higher opinion of… Read more »

Adventures in Job Hunting

As luck may have it, I seem to be looking for a job at the same time that everyone else in this country is also looking for a job. Ah, my bad timing. I have considered what things would have been like if I had chosen to stick with OWP, rather then quitting. I was… Read more »

Whereupon I ramble about Asheville, the internet, and all sorts of nonsense

First off, I have found my new time sucking void. It is located at I seriously wish I’d had the genius to think this site up. You play “telephone”, except alternating between drawing pictures from a sentence, and writing sentences based on someone else’s picture. It is all sorts of fun. So Christine and… Read more »


So you know what’s really stupid? Pine Sol. Have you ever read the back of the bottle? It is not recommended for wood floors. In fact, the things it recommends using the stuff for are tiles and ceramic type surfaces and whatnot. Why mention pine in the name when you can’t actually use it on… Read more »

SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the economy.

I am super excited about the snow. It has been years since I’ve seen snow in this glorious of a quantity. The inches keep piling up, and it’s still going strong! I have a recipe for snow pudding that I found which I’m going to attempt, as I’ve never made it before and it would… Read more »

Online art and travel prospects

I’m finally getting around to getting a bunch of art onto some websites for the purposes of selling prints. See, there’s a big pile of such websites out there, the perfect place for people who want wall art to seek it out. It’s about time I started taking advantage of that outside of the pre-existing… Read more »