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Miles, Mucous, and Mewling

The flow of items from my sinuses out the exit holes has begun to slow. This pleases me. So, in theory, at some point the evacuation will be complete, and I can get back to life as scheduled. My toilet paper rolls have been very stoic through all of this. I, uh, don’t buy tissues…. Read more »

Misery and More!

So I’ve got the worst of both worlds going now: cramps and a cold! It’s super fun. At least the cold isn’t all that bad, the sore throat is a real pain, but the fever isn’t too high and my stuffy nose/congestion is minimal. It has allowed me to get in a lot of reading… Read more »

Javascript Ramblings, Etc.

So I’ve got this textbox that you can expand and contract, because of this the textbox is created by javascript rather then by html. I decided I wanted some BBcode capabilities, so I found a script that was similar to what I needed and made some snazzy images to go with it. It works fine… Read more »

Misc. Viewings and Updates

Tonight, Carolyn and I started watching Freaks and Geeks. It was good fun, and I am looking forward to watching the next disk. This is the 4th series: we started with Perfect Strangers, then My So-Called Life, then Fraggle Rock. We had to fast forward through godawful amounts of singing on the last one. There’s… Read more »

Books, Games, and Babble

There’s a list floating about of the 1000 novels everyone must read, put forth by The Guardian. I scrolled through the entire thing and counted, I’ve apparently read about 58. Only 942 to go! So this is fun for about 5 minutes: It’s a text adventure version of Guitar Hero! I’ve started reading The House… Read more »

Land fish and sea kittens

So apparently PETA is trying to rename fish ‘sea kittens’, under the guise that fish get a bad rap and need a new name so people think they’re cuter. This is crazy talk. Fish are cuter then cats any day. I would hug a fish if given the opportunity. I try to, on a regular… Read more »

Whereupon I complain about the horrible pain in my abdomen

I really hate cramps. There are multiple ways of dealing with them. And by ‘multiple’, I mean 3. The first is more of a ‘suck it up and accept the pain’ sort of thing. It doesn’t get me too far. I really hate taking painkillers on a regular basis just on general principle, but sometimes… Read more »

A Recap of Latest Events

I’ll rewind back to several days ago and start from there. Last Tuesday, Drew and I had a DC adventure. We went to the American History Museum, and spend most of the time in the war and politics section, as it is massive and full of all sorts of stuff to read and look at…. Read more »

Caroling And Other Misc. Goings On

So we went a wassailing last night. There were seven of us total (eight if you include Lily the dog dog), which is actually the best turnout yet. Too bad the turnout for the houses wasn’t too good. I suspect our strategy of caroling on the Saturday before Christmas may have been a poor one,… Read more »

Williamsburg, Lights, Cats, etc

We went to Williamsburg for the grand illumination. It was rather exciting, I’ve never seen a fireworks show that was so well choreographed. It’s like they got Gandalf all involved, quite fancy! In other news, this weekend has been exhausting. This is because so much stuff has gotten unpacked that’s needed to get unpacked. And… Read more »