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Two Simple Tips For Looking Young

So I think anti-aging products are more or less B.S.. They don’t make you look any younger, they make you look like someone who spent entirely too much money on lotion with added snake-oil. There’s also the fact that products purporting to make you look more youthful don’t actually have that as their goal. Instead,… Read more »

About Velutha the Cat, amongst other things

Packing is going along as well as packing can. Still need to get a few things on Craigslist, still need to try to pawn some items off on friends as well. Recently spent a glorious couple of days watching Boogiepop Phantom. I really liked the series and need to find more anime like that to… Read more »

Bad Makeup and the Uncanny Valley

So I was looking at Walmart’s free samples, as I sometimes do when I get bored. It’s a great opportunity to get free teeny packets of granola and newfangled tampons. Plus, it means I get more in the mail besides bills and junk mail. In any case, there was a free sample to try some… Read more »

Bad Theories and Bad Humor

Q: If a group of syrup bottles decided to start a punk rock band, who would play bass? A: Sid Viscious ——————– So I randomly made up a theory the other day. See, I’m curious if there’s any significant gender differences in abilities involving hand-eye coordination, specifically with tasks involving aim. What I’m getting at… Read more »

Random musings on weight loss ads, etc

I can’t help but feel that much of the discussion on anorexia that takes place online is a bit of a waste. I got distracted and ended up reading this article on Newsweek about anorexia, particularly as it pertains to online groups, on facebook. And it’s like, I read about how pro-ana groups are promoting… Read more »