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Pak’ma’ra, Netbook and Adventures

Headed out tomorrow morning at a vicious hour, and will arrive in Florida that afternoon. Tuesday, we’ll get to Richmond for a few days of wild excitement and sweating and hopefully AC, and then we head off to the Outer Banks for more sweating and excitement and AC. Might post, might not. My netbook is… Read more »

Upcoming Adventures + Babylon 5

I’m apparently going to be traveling a bit coming up soon, meaning that it’s a very good thing that I’ve got a giant stack of free travel courtesy of Airtran. This Friday, we’re headed for Florida for Drew’s other grandfather’s funeral (we went to Drew’s first grandfather’s funeral 2 months ago, and then 2 months… Read more »

Adventures with AirTran and spending way too much time in airports

Drew and I attended his grandfather’s funeral in Indiana this past weekend, and it was a hectic weekend indeed. A few days in advance, I booked flights for us on Airtran. Despite the short notice, I got us tickets for around $250 each (hooray for “web only” specials!). Our flight left at 11:00 am from… Read more »