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Oh hey, I made a sealife painting

So this is the sort of thing that I paint when I want to paint something but don’t have any sort of super strong vision. So, yeah, sealife. It’s just pretty easy to sit there and draw fish, I suppose. Sketched this in, then did watercolor with colored pencil on top, and painted in some… Read more »

How I finally figured out how to deal with stupid overflowing text

So I have randomly come across this issue where I’ve got text that needs to fit into a specific area – not all the text needs to show, but enough of it so you know what’s going on there, content-wise. This seems to happen with table data, and of course I’ve got to deal with… Read more »

Holy Hairclips!

I made a bunch of hairclips. Most hairclips that you buy in stores are a.) overpriced and b.) usually packaged such that colors/patterns I want are inevitably paired with ones that I think look awful. Thus, I made a bunch of my own! You can get packs of blank hairclips at your local Hobby Lobby… Read more »

Some things to get done next year

So I was waiting in the airport last week and decided to write up a list of all of the things I wanted to get done next year. And, here’s that list: Finish 2011 NaNo CYOA novel (or finish first draft of 2009 NaNo adventure/maybe sci-fi novel) Translate Quest into Spanish Somehow convince more people… Read more »

My Adventures as a Census Enumerator

So last Monday, April 26th, I started the enumerator job. The first week was all training. I hear my group lucked out – our training was held in a county administrative building, the room we used was bright and comfortable and quite reminiscent of a few classrooms I had Comp Sci classes in back at… Read more »

A vague attempt at posting

I’m posting for the sole purpose of testing something out. I’ve visions of doing lj from WordPress, we’ll see how that works out. In other news, I just can’t seem to get enough dairy. In even less news, the vague ambivalence of late fall has thus kicked in, and, while I have many things to… Read more »