Ramblings and such

I am downloading some Learn Hindi stuff. Once I have some spare time and spare brain space, I think it would be neat/useful to pick up some Hindi. That, and to get back into picking up the Spanish again. And maybe try to revive the dregs of my forgotten high school French. I would like to be able to plug things into the back of my neck and upload them, for greater efficiency. Then I could also learn Kung Fu.

Job hunt is still going as it has been. I am desperately trying to cram as much Cakephp as possible into my head, which is super fun. I also like cramming as much regular cake as possible into my head. If only I could combine the two.

If you have not seen Up, you should go see it immediately, as it is excellent and will make you cry.

I wish August was not ending, as I have a slight dread of the impending fall/winter. Part of this is because a large number of my warmer clothing is still in Richmond. Part of this is because of the shorter days, and how I desperately crave Vitamin D to be happy. My fear of the cold is balanced by my excitement at actually getting some decent snow for a change out here.

I’ve started using my netbook as a pseudo-kindle. I’ve got bunches of .pdf files on there, and it’s super useful for reading in a car at night. I keep a text file to remember which pages I’m on in which books. It is also super useful for those lonely nights when I desperately want to play 92372034823 versions of scrabble or assorted games involving Tux the Penguin. Good times.

Picture Show: A Great Cheap Theater in Colorado Springs

So, the Picture Show theatre in Colorado Springs is fabulous for a cheap date night, or really for any time you want to spend barely any money to see a movie. It’s $1.50 per person ($.75 on Tuesdays!), and there are eight movie screens, so if you’re willing to wait a bit after movies come out, your wallet will be very happy. Also, $1.00 hot dogs are some of the cheapest movie food I’ve seen in awhile. The rest of the food, though possibly a bit cheaper then standard theatres, is still a bit pricey. Anyhow, we just saw Up there (which was excellent, btw), and are looking forward to returning to see many more movies at very cheap prices!

Getting rid of that extra /pages/ in your URL for static pages using CakePHP

So I’m just learning CakePHP, and I’m doing so by translating a site from html into Cake. Most of the pages are static pages, so I’m putting them into app/views/pages. Thing is, when I look at them in the browser, the name of the page is always preceded by that blasted pages/, and I wanted to get rid of that. I.e. I wanted www.mysite.com/pages/about to be www.mysite.com/about. I finally found how to do this, and figured I’d post it here for future reference purposes:

Locate routes.php, found in app/config/, and add this line:

Router::connect('*', array('controller' => 'pages', 'action' => 'display'));

That should eliminate the pages/ in the url for any of your .ctp files located in the pages directory.


The best way to remind yourself of all of the things you don’t know is to go job-hunting

Or rather, the best way is to fail at job-hunting. I’ve got quite a long list of things I desperately wish I had time to learn, all things that various recruiters or employers were looking for that I had a little of, but not quite enough. And while this is definitely a motivating factor in learning things (my javascript library knowledge is liberally expanding due to job hunt influence), it can be a demotivating factor in terms of becoming overwhelmed by all of the things you do not yet know. That, and you start to feel that no matter how much you learn, you’ll always just be a little bit short of the amount of knowledge other people want you to have before they’ll hire you. The economic climate only helps this (or hurts this, rather), being that for every job available out there, there exist approximately 892374892374 applicants, many of them who would be overqualified for the job in saner economic times. I do feel bad for those who have recently graduated college, and lack experience, as it must be particularly hard on them. In any case, I am trying to be positive about things, and view the 28372837448923 things I do not know as exciting opportunities to learn.

In other news, I’ve downloaded some CakePHP action. I’m not really sure what I’m getting into yet, but if it is to php what jquery has been to javascript for me, maybe it will help me more efficiently do some things on writaur.com that I’ve been meaning to get done.

On a final note, I would really like to go swimming with some stingrays. And they would like to go swimming with me as well. No really, they do, just ask them!

Magical Deoderant Plus Bonus Car Question!

First off, I would like to announce that my underarms smell like pina colada. I got a “tropical island” scented deodorant, and it makes me want to drink whenever I smell it.

So I drive a Kia Rio, and it has a 96 hp and a 28.1 LB / HP ratio. While I am not fully sure what these figures mean, I know for a fact that my car was much happier driving around Richmond then it is driving around in the foothills of the Rockies It struggles up hills and it’s often really hard to make it to the speed limit (albeit, the speed limit out here is often 75, but still). I’m thinking that for my next car, I’ll probably want to get something with a better engine. And then Drew and I were trying to figure out fuel efficiency for such things, and Google proved no help. So here’s a question for anyone that knows about cars: would having a car with a higher horsepower give me better fuel efficiency for driving on hills? I’m sure that, if nothing else, it would make going up the hills more pleasant. However, I’m not really sure of the connection between higher horsepower (or a higher ratio, for that matter) and if you use less gas because of that (or more gas, for that matter). Or if the change in gas usage would be negligible. Any advice is appreciated!

Free Underwear!

So in the past several weeks, two separate free underwear coupons have arrived from Victoria’s Secret. Well, technically they said “free panty”, but I think “panty” sounds kind of sissy, so I say “underwear”. In any case, I used both today, bringing Drew along to satisfy the “one coupon per customer” requirement. The coupon also included a “$10 off” dealio for some bra line of theirs, but as they do not carry my size, this was a non-issue. So I got a black pair and a weird pastel blue paisley pair. This is because most of their underwear is ugly. I just don’t go in for the faded earth tones and pastels with random teeny patterns thing. So I bolstered the freebies with a pack o’ Hanes from the Wall of Mart, in nice glowing pinks. I appreciate tacky underwear.

Job hunt is still up in the air at this point. I just took a PHP test that I may have passed with flying colors, so hopefully that will get me to the interview step with a company in Denver I’m looking at. We shall see. Drew’s looking around at various banks and various military places to make good use of his newly gotten Poli-sci degree + globs of BofA & Cap1 experience.

Movies! We’ve been watching entirely too many lately, some better then others. If you have a chance (and especially if you enjoy war movies) you need to go see The Hurt Locker, as it is excellent. It was only showing at independent theatres, but recently got picked up by some major theatre chain or another. I need to see if there is a dollar theatre out here someplace, as all of the movies I actually want to see arrived in one glob. At some point, I must see Bruno, District 9, and Ponyo! Albeit, I will generally have movies I want to see that I’ll just eventually see on DVD, or I’ll just forget they existed.

I justed downed an apple strudel. Satisfying and bloaty!


So I have this two-year contract with Clearwire for high-speed internet, and I managed to move with 6 months of it left. Unfortunately, they charge a horrendous cancellation fee to the tune of $180. In the effort of avoiding having to pay this, I decided to pass off the modem and account to someone else to finish off. I thought that person was going to be one of Drew’s cousins, but as he has gone completely AWOL and has not answered his phone the last 28489234 times anyone has tried to get ahold of him, it’s time to try giving the modem to someone else. The service is around $38 a month, and the contract expires 01-10-2010. I’ll give the modem away for free and cover the service for August if you (or anyone you know in Richmond) will take the contract off my hands!

Cow Gods and such

I am so itching for a new camera right now. Mine’s stuck at 5.0 mp, and does not zoom worth crap. It was super awesome three years ago though. Too bad a new camera is completely not justifiable when one has no steady income. Especially considering the camera that’s got me the most excited right now is about $250. D’oh!

Job hunt is going kinda eh. Heard back from the recruiter about the job I didn’t get, the company decided they were looking for more of a senior role. I’m currently waiting to hear back from a recruiter about a position working on an intranet. It requires strong UI stuff, which hopefully I have enough of. We’ll see, I suppose.

I am learning that there is such a thing as too much beef. Drew’s aunt gets a side of beef on a regular basis, and as a result it is being fed into my system on a regular basis. I try to combat it with fishes, but sometimes resistance is futile when it comes to the Cow Gods.

It finally stopped raining here today. So much for super-dry out here. Hail two days ago! Apparently by this time of year, it’s usually really brown. Lush and green right now!

Hope everyone is having a super August so far!