The job hunt continues

So Drew is currently on a plane back to Richmond. He’s got his final exam to take, and then he’s all done with school and has his political science degree. Then both of us can be busy not being able to find jobs, yay!

I actually had an interview last Thursday, a nice long phone interview with two different people in the company. I felt confidant about the interview – I had practically all of the skills they were seeking, and even made a point of dabbling in one thing they were looking for that I didn’t have. Everything seemed peachy with Interviewer #2, but Interviewer #1 flung questions at me about things that weren’t mentioned at all in the job description or by the recruiter. Based on the description, the position was pretty straight up web design stuff (html/css/js), but then I’m getting asked about things like weblogic and struts, neither of which I am familiar with at all. So I’m still fuzzy on what happened, if the job description simply was not as complete as it could be, or if they decided that it would be in their best interest to get someone that had a wider range of skill then what they were initially looking for, or if there was simply some miscommunication. In any case I did not get the job, which is too bad as I had rather enjoyed Interview #2 (it went more like a conversation, and I’d thought I’d gotten a good feeling from the interviewer), and the job (based on the description at least) had sounded interesting and right up my alley. Alas. Someone called me today about another position, don’t know all the details yet so we’ll see.

Drew and I went to Boulder last weekend and there was a random art festival going on, which was interesting and entirely too expensive. The downtown area fell into a similar category. Manitou Springs seems like hippies + tourists, and Boulder is definitely hippies + yuppies. There was a large stream with some decent rapids which we walked along, along with 8237982374 people and their inflated tubes. The rapids looked really fun, and I’d like to go back and go tubing there sometime. We also meandered outside the town on some random path or another into a canyon-type area, and I climbed a giant rock. My thighs were all in a way after that, but in a good way. I like climbing giant rocks. There are random mesas/buttes nearby, and I want to pack a picnic and climb to the top of one and eat it.

Here are more random photos for your eyeballs’ enjoyment.

This is from a nearby construction site, dusk was a good time for pictures there!

reflective action!

Andrew poses beside a mighty cannon.

drew cannon

I’m a cowboy…on a steel horse I ride…and I’m wanted….dead or alive!

me on cannon

More random updates from Colorado

Let see, last Friday we managed to hit four Chick-fil-a restaurants. I wore my usual cow blanket plus horns, Drew wore a white plastic bag with holes cut in it and a black shirt underneath, along with some horns. Twas very exciting. They’ve got free breakfast entree Tuesdays going on this month, but the nearest Chick-fil-a is about 25 minutes away, so we’re just not that ambitious in the morning (not yet, at least).

Went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival this past Saturday, it was far more exciting then the piddly one just north of Richmond I went to a few years back. Saw jousting and ate copious amounts of tasty items. Did some hiking at Garden of the Gods yesterday, which is a really neat park full of giant rock formations. Our oxygen levels are still struggling from that whole altitude thing (it’s 6,000+ feet here), but is gradually improving.

And here’s some random photos. Yay field!


Storms out here are really weird. Because of the mountains and lack of lots of trees, you can see much more sky then in VA. Then, because of the altitude, you’re much closer to the clouds then you were before. Thus, you see a storm coming from aways off, and it looks really weird in contrast to the clear and sunny sky beyond it.


These majestic beasts were feeding in a nearby construction site at dusk:

majestic beasts

Update on the state of things

Drew and I ventured over to Manitou Springs today, which is this really neat town on the edge of Pike’s Peak. Much barbecue and chocolate were consumed.

I’m trying to do a fair bit of biking, because a.) The weather is fabulous: sunny, rather warm, and when I sweat it immediately dissipitates, b.) it’s an excellent way to get to know the area, c.) We’re currently located on the edge of suburbia, right beside fields and country with horsies and such and it’s really pretty, d.) the suburbia is a lot more bike-aware then Richmond’s suburbia ever was, and e.) If I continue to eat copious amount of barbecue and chocolate, the biking will be highly necessary to ensure that I don’t have to go spend entirely too much money on new bras. It’s interesting, the suburbia here is so much friendlier then what I’m used to. Mind you, it’s still rather inconvenient if you’re trying to walk to the grocery store, and there is excessive use of strip mall-age. We’re in an area where there’s a lot of newer housing, and it’s nice looking smaller houses. I’m used to seeing either new giant McMansion type buildings, or cheap and crappy new buildings. There’s a lot of nicer looking 2-3 bedroom houses, with interesting architecture and rock gardens and such. Mind you, the architecture might just be related to the fact that I’m used to seeing colonials and whatever else they use all over the Mid-Atlantic, and here everything has more of a western feel. Also, there’s sidewalks! Lots of sidewalks!

Jobwise, there is slight advancement. My resume is being submitted by a recruiter for a position doing web stuff with Barclay Card. It would be working with table-less design (and hand-coding at that, yay) and trying to make all their websites standards-compliant, which I’m decent at, so the job itself sounds interesting. I need to go look at YUI and see if it’s in any way similar to Jquery, and either way I should try to learn some, as they’re interested in having that as well. One downside is that it’s located in Colorado Springs, and I was really stoked about being in Denver. However, I’ve explored next to none of the area, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine staying in CS for awhile for a decent job. I’m just a sucker for giant cities with nightlife and such. I am also a sucker for mountains and paths that allow me to climb all over said mountains, so either location should work just fine for that.

I will now end this with two excellent pictures of Andrew. The first one shows him gliding majestically up a hillside:


The second shows him being, uh, less majestic:

Brandy and Drew!

Estha at her finest

Estha was either really curious when we got to our hotel a few days back, or was really thirsty.


This is a local street near where Drew’s aunt lives:


All of this is cross-posted from my facebook photo dump, btw. However, if you are anything like me and are terrified enough of the gobblydegook that is the facebook update stream (err, swamp rather) which allows you to find little of use at all, then you may not have seen the pictures at all. Or, you might not have me friended on facebook in the first place, for that matter. If you’d like to and have not yet, I’m, and I’ll happily play scrabble with you and maybe look at your pictures if I happen to see them, and that’s about it. In any case, expect more pictures in the future, as I am getting camera-happy as of late.

Alive and well, with hail

Just wanted to make a quick post to let people I got here safely, for the most part. Kansas was flat and gorgeous, but the insects tore up my legs and ankles. No good at all! Estha made the trip more or less OK, she was happier being out of her carrier and meandering around the car. Unfortunately, after 8 or so hours of being in said car, she screams constantly, which Drew (who’s car she was in) did not appreciate. However, screaming Estha may have gotten Drew out of a speeding ticket (ignoring the fact here that she probably got him pulled over in the first place).

Anyhow, Colorado is really pretty, there are mountains here! It hailed the first day we got here and created a minor river in the street. Apparently it’s the rainy season here. 4th of July night, I found myself wishing I had worn a coat, it was that chilly. However, the days (when it’s sunny, which is apparently most of the time here) are highly pleasant. Have a job interview (or rather, an interview with a recruiter) in 1.5 hours, we’ll see how that goes.

About Velutha the Cat, amongst other things

Packing is going along as well as packing can. Still need to get a few things on Craigslist, still need to try to pawn some items off on friends as well.

Recently spent a glorious couple of days watching Boogiepop Phantom. I really liked the series and need to find more anime like that to watch. Would also love to cosplay as Boogiepop if I get the chance.

Drew and I went to Fallout last night, the theme was “Rain”. Sprinklers and a hose were set up at random places on the ceiling, and lots of people danced around in swimsuits, which was really fun. Then, there was the rather large guy with black swastikas taped to his nipples. Later, I noticed he had a friend, wearing a t-shirt with a swastika on it. Both of them seemed to be socializing quite normally with random other people. Every time I noticed this, I kept thinking of this random pin I got back in high school from some college or another that was trying to recruit me. The pin said, “Don’t be so open minded that your brains fall out.” Fallout, being a private fetish-type club, is a safe space for people to express themselves in ways that they might not normally be able to openly express themselves in other circumstances. It seems that this isn’t always a good thing, and I really hope it’s not housing a burgeoning neo-nazi subculture.

And on a final note, we have gone from two cats to one cat. Velutha died this morning, from feline AIDS. She’s been sick for awhile, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that this actually became apparent. It’s hard to tell when you have cats: there’s been more food in the bowl lately, so we knew either one or both of them was eating less. I thought it might have to do with it getting warmer, though, and maybe them eating less to compensate for the heat. Velutha has also been sleeping a lot lately, but she’s always slept a lot. It’s kind of just what cats do. She’s gotten thinner, but it’s only been recently that we’ve noticed that it was significant, as she’s always been thin and didn’t really have all that much weight to lose in the first place. Then she started oozing something from her mouth the other day, and Drew took her to the vet. They confirmed the AIDS (along with lymphonia, I think), and he brought her home along with several medications. This morning, we go to find her to administer the medications and she is nowhere to be found. After an hour of searching we find her dead, under the bed. I suppose at least she got to be close to us as she died, even though we had no idea she was under the bed. Apparently, this might have been something she started out with. She was the last cat in a litter born in a barn, the rest of her siblings eaten by dogs. She was slightly mangled herself and covered with fleas when Drew’s cousin took her in. We only got her four years ago, and she was eight or nine years at death. Anyhow, it’s sad, but it’s probably for the best that it happened now. She would have had to spend about three days in a car pretty soon, which wouldn’t be fun for even the healthiest of cats.

Free stuff + link!

First off, For anyone who wants to better understand how bra sizes really work, I recommend reading this rather amusing article.

Also, as I am moving sooner then later, I have various objects who would love to have new homes. First off: the aloe plant. I have a rather overgrown aloe plant that I really don’t want to have to take with me, and it would be a great companion for someone who wants to repot it. It would also be a great companion for a person/family who burns themselves on a regular basis. Would anyone be interested in adopting it?

Second, I have random pieces of furniture to get rid of, including a desk or two and many bookshelves, as well as small pieces of end table type furniture. All are varying degrees of used…but they’re free! If you can come pick them up, they’re yours!

Interviews and moving and such

So I’ve now managed to secure two interviews, one on the 6th and one on the 7th, both with recruiter-types, and both for Colorado Springs positions. Admittedly, my target area was more for Denver, but I’m just looking forward to being employed at a place that gives me dollars which is in Colorado. I really do want someplace as bike-friendly and non strip mall/big box store as possible, we shall see how things go. At least there seem to be positions springing up for my sorts of skills, which is a good thing.

Zinc status: no cramps so far. We’ll see if this lasts.

Adventures with zinc and fighting menstrual evils

So I start my period in four days. And thus, I start taking zinc today. According to various things I’ve been reading online, I can all but avoid the evil painful cramps I generally have by taking 30-90 mg of zing starting a few days before my period begins. The unfortunate side effect of this is the nausea. I just took a pill not too long ago, and my stomach is already churning and I kinda want to throw up. Ah, zinc. However, if this works, having 15 minutes of nausea a few times a day for 3-4 days is significantly better then having 48 hours of incapacitating pain!

Twilight (the last post about it, honest!)

I finished the series, finally. It was addictive to the end. In some ways satisfying, in other ways rather frustrating. I wrote a rambling review of it on Goodreads, should anyone care.

I will include a brief snippet here, something that in scanning over reviews of the books I just hadn’t seen touched on at all.

“One thing about the books that I do appreciate is this: In many fantastical pieces of fiction, there’s a central character who ends up being the savior (Harry Potter, Frodo/LotR, Neo/Matrix, Rand/Wheel of Time, etc etc). That character is usually “different” in some way or another that ends up saving everything, and that character is consistently male. It was a breath of fresh air to read something where the character with the awesome powers who saves the day is actually female.”