Motorcycle Adventures!

Yesterday was rather exciting in that Tracie, who I know from middle school and was visiting from Seattle, was in town, so her and me and Carolyn and Dee got together. Even more exciting was the fact that I rode on the back of Carolyn’s motorcycle to get there.

This is the second time in my entire life I’d been on a motorcycle. The first time, I was 16, in the middle of freaking Louisa county, and riding behind my friend Crystal’s dad, who was apparently drunk at the time. My knowledge of his intoxication was far overwhelmed by the fact that I was ecstatic at the prospect of riding on a motorcycle, along with the fact that I was indeed 16 and didn’t know better. It didn’t help that I was wearing flip-flops, shorts, and a horse-riding helmet.

In any case, this time around was a lot safer, in that I was wearing jeans, boots (hiking boots, but still beats flip-flops), and a proper motorcycle helmet. That, and Carolyn was sober. This experience, or I should specify, the beginning part of this experience, was much more terrifying. I suspect it has to do with the fact that I’m 28 29 rather then 16, so my sense of mortality is a bit stronger then it used to be. Nonetheless, once I realised that I wasn’t going to slide off anytime in the near future, it became highly enjoyable. It might have also helped that I was all hopped up on painkillers from the insanely annoying cramps I was experiencing. On a related note, riding on the back of a motorcycle feels like I’m sitting on top of the world’s largest vibrator. So that’s a bonus, right there!

In any case, I am definitely looking forward to riding around again, as it is super fun and I can pretend I’m on a magic roller coaster full of traffic!

Christmas Party and The Phoenician

I will be thematic and make a post all about food.

First off, my ex-work’s Christmas party was this past Friday, which I attended.  I, uh, haven’t worked there since may, but Christine needed a date, and I needed some free food, so it all worked out. It was really nice to see people I hadn’t seen in quite awhile. It was also nice to eat all the food. I had some pieces of medium rare steak dipped in crab dip,  dipped some shrimp in crab dip,  dipped some mozzarella balls in crab dip, and dipped my fork into the crab dip over and over and over again. Then I gorged on Linda’s desserts. And ate more shrimp. The next day I ate a tangerine and not much else, as at some point late Saturday night my stomach did a very good job of letting me know that there definitely is such a thing as too much protein. My, but it was tasty, though.

And then there’s the glorious lunch Drew and I ate today. See, we have this ceramic Pikachu. We’ve been dumping coins into it for almost a year now, and I recently got a bunch of coin rolling tubes from the bank and rolled those babies on up (I find it a strangely soothing task). The money in it has been earmarked for ‘eating out money’, and after rolling we had $60 and some change. So we went to the Phoenician for lunch. So freaking good! I got a chicken shawarma  wrap and Drew got a kefka kebob wrap, both with hummus on the side, plus a cucumber and yogurt appetizer, plus pistachio baklava for dessert. It’s the second time I’ve been there and I will definitely keep going back. The actual dinner entrees are a bit steep, but lunch is quite reasonable, and there’s also a gazillion appetizers to choose from as well. Plus, I’d someday like to live in a place that looks like the interior of the Phoenician. In any case, if you want luscious Lebanese food, you should go there immediately.

New Bras Ahoy! Plus Bonus Clothing Babble!

I got my figleaves shipment today, yay! Ordering clothing from the internet is always tricky business, unless you a.) are getting something pretty basic like a t-shirt or b.) you already know the item fits. So I took my chances based on the fact that everything that I bought was 90% off. I got a black bra that actually fits me really well. The beige bra I got fits a little tighter then I’d like, but as I range from size to size, I suspect it will be fine in the long run.  Albeit, I’ll need to swing by the ole Ben Franklin to see if they carry any bra extenders, as the band size is truly meant for someone a bit narrower then me. No returns for clearance items, so it’s not like I have the option to return it for a larger size. Nonetheless, I can’t complain too much as the bra was $4. I also got another swimsuit top, so I now have two. It’s a bit more, err, revealing then I was expecting, but Drew approves, so I’ll just have to be strategic in where I wear it, or something like that.

Then come the clothes! So, clothes are really tricky, especially when they’re all sized with S, M, L. One brand’s S is another’s L, it’s no good at all! Anyhow, I got a tank top and squishy pants set, both size L, which based on the sizing chart seemed like they’d work. The tank top fits me perfectly. Ideally, in fact. The pants? You could fit two of me in it (well, more like 1.5 of me, but that’d be bloodier). I might try to pawn them off on my mom, or something.

I’ve recently realised that there is a conspiracy at work, here. See, according to what I’ve read on the Internets lately, there’s apparently two basic body types, ‘apple’ shapes and ‘pear’ shapes. Apple shapes gain weight around their torso, in the abdomen and chest area. Pears tend to gain weight in the hips and butt. The conspiracy is that most women’s clothing companies seem like they’re designing clothing for pear shapes. See, when I gain weight, my proportions change completely. My butt stays the same, and my gut and chest balloon out. All of which is very complicated if you want to buy pants. Meaning that when I buy pants, they’re either low-rise (to avoid the waist issue entirely) or men’s pants (to handle my beer gut).

In any case, someone desperately needs to start designing women’s clothing like men’s dress shirts are designed. Have there be separate sizings for the waist and the hips, or separate sizings for different bust sizes. Anyhow who’s not ‘average’ in the chest knows the horror of trying to find a dress that fits when they’re all designed to fit a certain set of proportions. No good at all!

Or we could all just wear sweatpants and spandex all the time. And eat donuts. Copious amounts of donuts. Sounds like a plan!

Williamsburg, Lights, Cats, etc

We went to Williamsburg for the grand illumination. It was rather exciting, I’ve never seen a fireworks show that was so well choreographed. It’s like they got Gandalf all involved, quite fancy!

In other news, this weekend has been exhausting. This is because so much stuff has gotten unpacked that’s needed to get unpacked. And then I put up a teeny tree and added lights, it’s quite festive. And then I made magical apple chocolate muffins, which were quite delicious. And then we got a new bag of cat treats, which was much less indestructible then the last bag of cat treats. The last bag’s been in full view of the cats for quite awhile, they never messed with it. With the new bag, I left it on the kitchen counter, and later find it sprawled in the middle of the kitchen floor, gnawed into with pieces spilling out. Quite strange! Perhaps they are tastier then the last treats. So I put it in a ziplock bag. Sure enough, the next day they drug it out and the plastic bag had a few teeth marks in it (though no tears). Really weird, they don’t even do this with their food or anything. Kinda makes me want to taste it, to see if these treats are really super delicious and I’m missing out on something.

Speaking of which, don’t believe for a second that salmon cat treats are more then just a dribble of salmon. The second ingredient is chicken on this pack! The salmon is more like item seven! Madness. Kinda like that time I got pina colada juice. Turns out the main ingredient was apple. And after reading that and taking another swig, it totally did taste like apple! Lies, all lies! Speaking of which, I wonder if spiced rum would work in pina coladas. For I have spiced rum, I have pina colada mix, and I even have a can of pineapple for bonus nutrients. Hmm, this must be experimented with!

Fun Games and Boobage

First off, if you like puzzle-type games and want a good time waster, this is good fun:

Second, I know there’s a few larger-on-top ladies that read this, and I have a super sale for you! is having an up to 90% off sale, I just spent $30 last night and got 5 things, all of them at 90% off. There’s a decent selection of larger-sized bras for sale, most of which would otherwise be godawful expensive.

Incidentally, they’ve also got more normal-sized bras as well on sale, as well as other stuff (sleepwear, underwear, tank tops). I heart cheap clothing.

New Years Resolutions that you can keep!

I had a fit of ‘quiz’-making ambition lately, so I made another one.

Your New Years Resolution is…Remind other people of their failed resolutions.

Remind other people of their failed resolutions.

You can easily meet this resolution starting sometime around late February. Just start asking your friends how they’re doing with that weight loss. Getting their money’s worth out of that gym membership? Are all those McDonald’s visits they still make fitting in well with their resolution to eat healthier? Oh, and how’s that novel coming along that they were planning on writing? Reminding people of their failure is not only easy to do, it’s schadenfreude at it’s best!

New Years Resolutions that you can keep! – Created by ptocheia

Bad Holiday Gifts ‘Quiz’ Time!

Ok, this isn’t technically a quiz. It’s more like a ‘click a box and get a result’. Still, in the interest of working some Illustrator skills, as well as spreading the Adsense love, it done got made. So, here’s some holiday entertainment!

This holiday season, you’ll be getting…A Furby

A Furby

Some people are just packrats, and sometimes those well-intentioned people buy gifts, wrap them, and then rediscover them about 6 years later. Just ignore the fact that you never wanted one of these even when they first came out, it’s the thought that counts, right?

What bad holiday gift will you get this year? – Created by ptocheia

Running around in the woods in the dark until my legs fall off

I went hiking yesterday. In St. Mary’s Wilderness, to be specific, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was educational. Here’s what I learned about hiking:

1.) Unless it’s a trail that’s plastered all over the internet and trail books as being popular, bring a map of some sort.

Oops. I ended up walking down some dirt road far longer then I was supposed to, as I was under the assumption that the connecting trail I was looking for would be obvious. Not a single sign. Totally missed it. D’oh!

2.) If you get lost, set a ‘turn around by’ time.

I had really meant to do this. First, it was going to be 3:00. But I kept thinking the connecting trail would be right around the corner. Then I kept thinking how far I’d already gone, and how ridiculous it would be to have to turn around when I was over 1/2way done with the hike. I ended up turning around at 3:45.

3.) Always bring a flashlight.

I hadn’t actually thought I’d need it. But I brought it anyhow, and am quite glad. The hike that should have ended around 5:30 or so ended around 6:45 instead. Luckily the dirt road I was on connected back to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I could walk from there to my car. I only learned this due to an initially turning the wrong way from the path onto this road, then having to backtrack and go the proper direction. I’m rather glad for this, in hindsight, as it saved me much woods-stumbling.

4.) Don’t hike alone.

It’s dang lonely hiking alone. But the semester is almost over, Drew’s up to his neck in HW, I lack a convenient array of friends who also like to hike, and I just really really wanted to go hiking that day. Which was ok while it was light out, but being alone in the woods at night is rather discombobulating. I was saved, though, by my Sandisk. I listened to built up selections of This American Life. The first 2 were rather interesting, but the third was about the collapsing economy and paper markets and bonds and other things my brain really wasn’t all that interested in processing. But, since by that time it was really dark, I left it on anyhow, as the voices were strangely comforting.

5.) If you’re gonna hike alone, tell somewhere where you went.

I totally forgot this part. I told Drew I’d be hiking, told him I’d rejected my initial planned hike as it was over 3 hours away, which I hadn’t realised until I mapped it out. So all he knew was that I was in the mountains, somewhere, less then 3 hours from here. I got home safe and all, but if anything stupid had happened, that would have sucked mightily.

In any case, I ended up missing the more scenic parts of the trail, including the alleged 30 ft waterfall. Not that things would be all that scenic this late in the fall anyhow, what with everything being dead and all, but still. I did come across this bus, though:

Bus by daylight

It conjured up visions of Into The Wild, minus all the snow and death. That was the photo on the way in. On the way out conjures up a bit more death, for some strange reason.

Bus by dusk

In any case, my legs are dead. Hiked from 11:30-6:45, with brief stops in there for food and bladder relief. Hiked way too fast near the end, due to paranoia of being stuck in the dark. Good post-Thanksgiving workout, though!

Stereogram Adventures!

I’ve been playing around with stereogram stuff (AKA Magic Eye), because it’s super fun. I’ve kinda figured out how to make them in photoshop, basic ones at least. Can you see anything?

little dude!

Disco Inferno 4000 Processing Unit

Holy cow, I forgot I made this!

Many moons ago (and by ‘moons’ I mean ‘months’) I was really bored, and needed something extra for Drew’s birthday. So I made a really bad website and spelled out ‘Happy Birthday’ on it and emailed the link to him.

I dubbed it the Disco Inferno 4000 Processing Unit, and boy is it tacky!

What I should have done is add bad background music. But if I remember correctly, I ran out of two key ingredients for such things, time and ambition.