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The process of the Bellossom painting

So I did this Bellossom painting. Since I took pictures at each step, figured I’d dump them here: I did a sketch on canvas based off of a few pictures, and the background swirls & petals I just kind of made up. Filled in the alternating swirls with silver acrylic paint. Did a light wash… Read more »

Illustrative Art Stuffs and Getting One’s Dance On

So here’s something exciting: Forrest’s card game (Furoticon) is now live, and I have art in it! Yay! So this means that I now have two instances of illustrative artwork that is published, neither of which I can put on a resume, especially together. One is art in an erotic furry card game, and the… Read more »

At some point recently, Drew and I began gargling tea like nobody’s business. We’ve got green tea, brown rice green tea, oolong tea, and female treasure tea. I still need to get Drew to drink some female treasure tea. Then, after that, I’ll get a box of the male treasure tea (or whatever the male… Read more »

Art, Books, and Cats

I sold the piece I entered up in Baltimore, this piece to be precise. I won’t be sure of how much I get for it until I get the check (it was an art auction), but it’s at least 50 bucks (I started at $100, and the gallery keeps 50%). Entirely too little, based on… Read more »

Adventures in Baltimore

I somehow managed to end up in Baltimore today. Went up with Christine, Charlie & Tara to deposit art at an art show (no entry charge!). There shall be a gala and auction on Friday which we will most likely not attend, due to the fact that it is three freaking hours away. Hopefully, someone… Read more »

Art and Salamis

I don’t think I’d mentioned this here yet, but a few weeks ago I got all excited over a working scanner and scanned a bunch of art, all of this mostly inspired by someone who contacted me regarding acquiring prints for a school library display she was doing on dystopian literature. So I had a… Read more »

Online art and travel prospects

I’m finally getting around to getting a bunch of art onto some websites for the purposes of selling prints. See, there’s a big pile of such websites out there, the perfect place for people who want wall art to seek it out. It’s about time I started taking advantage of that outside of the pre-existing… Read more »

Fishie Picture!

I heart fishes. And sometimes, I realise I should be flexing the ole artistic skills. And thusly, I’ll paint me some fishes. I’m interested in finding some more art contests of the sort that actually have a theme you have to work with. There’s bunches of regular art contests out there, of the whole ‘submit… Read more »