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The Census, Bras, Too Much TV, and Insane Colorado Weather

The Census hasn’t changed much as the last time I wrote. Or rather, things change constantly, but in minor ways and at a pretty constant rate. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to two people who a.) refused to answer some information and were b.) polite and respectful. I was getting afraid that either… Read more »

New Bras Ahoy! Plus Bonus Clothing Babble!

I got my figleaves shipment today, yay! Ordering clothing from the internet is always tricky business, unless you a.) are getting something pretty basic like a t-shirt or b.) you already know the item fits. So I took my chances based on the fact that everything that I bought was 90% off. I got a… Read more »

Fun Games and Boobage

First off, if you like puzzle-type games and want a good time waster, this is good fun: Second, I know there’s a few larger-on-top ladies that read this, and I have a super sale for you! is having an up to 90% off sale, I just spent $30 last night and got 5… Read more »