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I definitely need to spend more quality time with my bladders

In 2009, ptocheia resolves to… Buy new sporks.Eat more lobsters.Start a synthpop fund.Take ib_jennay03 painting.Pay for my abandoned buildings on time.Spend more time with my bladders. Get your own New Year’s Resolutions: I’ve decided to have two New Year’s resolutions. The first is to make dolmades. I’ve had this blasted jar of grape leaves sitting… Read more »

Video Camera Questions

A sudden fit of inspiration has me deeply considering getting a video camera. I currently own an Olympus Stylus 500, which is a regular camera that also happens to record video. It’s rather poor quality video (and only 320×240 resolution), and I want something better. Though, as a beginner at such things, I really don’t… Read more »