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Art, Books, and Cats

I sold the piece I entered up in Baltimore, this piece to be precise. I won’t be sure of how much I get for it until I get the check (it was an art auction), but it’s at least 50 bucks (I started at $100, and the gallery keeps 50%). Entirely too little, based on… Read more »

Miles, Mucous, and Mewling

The flow of items from my sinuses out the exit holes has begun to slow. This pleases me. So, in theory, at some point the evacuation will be complete, and I can get back to life as scheduled. My toilet paper rolls have been very stoic through all of this. I, uh, don’t buy tissues…. Read more »

Williamsburg, Lights, Cats, etc

We went to Williamsburg for the grand illumination. It was rather exciting, I’ve never seen a fireworks show that was so well choreographed. It’s like they got Gandalf all involved, quite fancy! In other news, this weekend has been exhausting. This is because so much stuff has gotten unpacked that’s needed to get unpacked. And… Read more »