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I be illin’, etc.

I hate being sick. Then again, I doubt anyone actually enjoys it. There are all different tiers to being sick, and much like Dante’s Inferno, each has it’s own sort of misery attached to it. I’m not even that sick, just the standard sore throat/stuffy nose/headache/fatigue. And I’m *hungry*. I’m never hungry when I’m sick,… Read more »

The long drive back from Tennessee

So, last Wednesday night we ended up leaving for Nashville at about 2 in the morning. Errr, we left for Nashville early Thursday morning (somehow, it doesn’t seem to be the next day until the sun actually starts rising). I drove first shift, and got to see a fabulous sunrise in Kansas before attempting to… Read more »

Impending Christmas and such

So Christmas shopping is almost over! I got (mostly) everything boxed up and shipped stuff back to Richmond yesterday, we’ll see if parcel post comes through and allows things to get there by Xmas. If not, no biggie, it’s kinda exciting when you’ve got bonus presents to open after the 25th anyhow. Shipping was painful,… Read more »


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwazy Kwanzaa, Yappy Yule, and Frothy Festivus! I’m gonna go eat shrimp for breakfast now. Have a great day!

Caroling And Other Misc. Goings On

So we went a wassailing last night. There were seven of us total (eight if you include Lily the dog dog), which is actually the best turnout yet. Too bad the turnout for the houses wasn’t too good. I suspect our strategy of caroling on the Saturday before Christmas may have been a poor one,… Read more »

Christmas Party and The Phoenician

I will be thematic and make a post all about food. First off, my ex-work’s Christmas party was this past Friday, which I attended.  I, uh, haven’t worked there since may, but Christine needed a date, and I needed some free food, so it all worked out. It was really nice to see people I… Read more »