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Job stuff, rabid illness, etc.

So here’s the job situation: I have picked up a temporary job working at Liberty Tax to tide me over until I (hopefully) hear back from the Census people (apparently it might be a bit of time, I’m hopeful though as I scored 100% on the test), and that will tide me over until either… Read more »

Adventures with zinc and fighting menstrual evils

So I start my period in four days. And thus, I start taking zinc today. According to various things I’ve been reading online, I can all but avoid the evil painful cramps I generally have by taking 30-90 mg of zing starting a few days before my period begins. The unfortunate side effect of this… Read more »

Zinc and cramps

So yesterday was supposed to involve going biking around Williamsburg and going to a Greek festival. But then, the ole groin kicked in. I am generally of the idea that I’ll just drug myself when I get cramps and do whatever I was planning on doing, as I hate to just give 1/15 of my… Read more »

Whereupon I complain about the horrible pain in my abdomen

I really hate cramps. There are multiple ways of dealing with them. And by ‘multiple’, I mean 3. The first is more of a ‘suck it up and accept the pain’ sort of thing. It doesn’t get me too far. I really hate taking painkillers on a regular basis just on general principle, but sometimes… Read more »