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Adding active trail classes to your menu links in Drupal 7

So I’m working on a site with a gallery page with /art as a path, along with single artworks pages with the path art/[title]. When on a single artwork page, I still wanted the visual indicator that the user was in the main “art” section of the website, ideally by highlighting the /art links in… Read more »

Why it’s good to take breaks (Drupal + Fences + Field tpl.phps + Dumbness)

So I’m working on a redo of my site in Drupal (finally). I’ve got a custom content type, where I have a term reference that’s displaying taxonomy terms. I’m using the Fences module to cleanup Drupal’s “div diarrhea” issue. And I really wanted my set of taxonomy terms + label to properly wrap themselves in… Read more »

Drupal menu_callback item using ajax callback renders full page

It’s pretty annoying when you only want a few variables, rendered nicely on screen with your tpl.php, and you end up getting the entire page when you do an ajax callback to that function. Apparently you need to print/echo whatever you want rendered on the page rather than return it (as you would for a… Read more »

Feed me, Seymour!

So I use LJ to read blog feeds. And I had a new one to add. However, you can only create new feeds if you have a paid account. Which I no longer have, as I just don’t use LJ nearly as much as I used to. As it is, the majority of my LJ… Read more »

Just a quick update, mostly about work

I have no time for anything (except this brief post, apparently). Went on a 1.5 week trip, a vacation & funeral combo, to FL and VA and NC, got to see lots of people, make/eat lots of sushi, splish around in lots of water, and a good time was had by all. My recruiter had… Read more »

My life as a statue

I’ve found employment. Not the employment I was really expecting to find, mind you, but employment nonetheless. Indeed, I am now one of those people that dresses up as the Statue of Liberty and dances around at the side of the road, trying to convince you to go get your taxes done at Liberty Tax…. Read more »

Drupal, the holidays, etc

I feel like I’ve cracked a major milestone, or something, regarding Drupal. I finally figured out how to write a basic module, and it works. Still needs a lot of finessing, but it gives me confidence that I can finish this project I’m working on without that pesky guesswork of knowing what I needing to… Read more »

Delicious items, my social life, and other ramblings

First off, I’m mostly all about taking a ride on disco sticks. Also, the huge squids! I feel that baboons and raccoon must be the most fantabulous things around, as they feel much the same way I do about hedgehogs. Once in a while, when the sausage gods have smiled upon me, I will partake… Read more »