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Hiking at Elliot Knob, as well as food adventures

First, the hiking. Drew, Julie and I went to Elliot Knob this past weekend. It’s a bit west of Staunton. As an aside, I really enjoy pronouncing Staunton the way people from Staunton actually pronounce it, doing so entertains me greatly. Anyhow, we ventured forth with two dogs and a nice picnic. The trail alternated… Read more »

Hiking Adventures at Beaverdam Park

Drew and I went hiking today at Beaverdam Park. The weather was supernice, so of course we needed to go wander around outside for awhile. It’s located near the Chesapeake Bay, and the drive there was a bit over an hour. We did the loop trail around the lake in a backwards C kinda shape,… Read more »

Books, Games, and Babble

There’s a list floating about of the 1000 novels everyone must read, put forth by The Guardian. I scrolled through the entire thing and counted, I’ve apparently read about 58. Only 942 to go! So this is fun for about 5 minutes: It’s a text adventure version of Guitar Hero! I’ve started reading The House… Read more »

Running around in the woods in the dark until my legs fall off

I went hiking yesterday. In St. Mary’s Wilderness, to be specific, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was educational. Here’s what I learned about hiking: 1.) Unless it’s a trail that’s plastered all over the internet and trail books as being popular, bring a map of some sort. Oops. I ended up walking down… Read more »