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More Job Stuff

So I didn’t get the sushi job. Which is unfortunate, as I was rather excited about the opportunity and felt like the interview went really well. Like, I felt like I proved my skills, that I interacted well with the guy I talked to as well as with a few people at the bar, I… Read more »

Free Underwear!

So in the past several weeks, two separate free underwear coupons have arrived from Victoria’s Secret. Well, technically they said “free panty”, but I think “panty” sounds kind of sissy, so I say “underwear”. In any case, I used both today, bringing Drew along to satisfy the “one coupon per customer” requirement. The coupon also… Read more »

Cow Gods and such

I am so itching for a new camera right now. Mine’s stuck at 5.0 mp, and does not zoom worth crap. It was super awesome three years ago though. Too bad a new camera is completely not justifiable when one has no steady income. Especially considering the camera that’s got me the most excited right… Read more »

The job hunt continues

So Drew is currently on a plane back to Richmond. He’s got his final exam to take, and then he’s all done with school and has his political science degree. Then both of us can be busy not being able to find jobs, yay! I actually had an interview last Thursday, a nice long phone… Read more »

Interview Adventures

So Drew and I are back from Florida, it was a wild and wacky ride that I’ll write more about at a time that is not now. What I will briefly write about, however, is the fact that I just had a phone interview for a webmaster position on a US military base in Japan…. Read more »

Job hunting, Florida, and more Twilight

So I spent a bunch of time finessing my resume, seeking out references, trying to figure out how to write a salary history that doesn’t make my actual salary history look wacky, and writing the perfect cover letter, all for a job that sounded rather ideal. I submit the materials, only to get an email… Read more »

Adventures in Job Hunting

As luck may have it, I seem to be looking for a job at the same time that everyone else in this country is also looking for a job. Ah, my bad timing. I have considered what things would have been like if I had chosen to stick with OWP, rather then quitting. I was… Read more »