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Lubricants and pliers and meats and other fun things

So my car needed an oil change. We picked up the oil and filter, and, as the wrench I’ve been using was Carolyn’s, I looked for a new wrench. All they seemed to have at Advance Auto were these weird belt wrenches, which I’d never used before. As Drew needed help figuring out stuff for… Read more »

My poor smooshed car

So my car is ‘fixed’. Or about as fixed as I’m capable of making it. I ordered the rear brake light, and that came in the other day. I was worried that I might have difficulty trying to attach it, but it attached with a single plug, no wiring involved or anything. We popped out… Read more »

Magical Deoderant Plus Bonus Car Question!

First off, I would like to announce that my underarms smell like pina colada. I got a “tropical island” scented deodorant, and it makes me want to drink whenever I smell it. So I drive a Kia Rio, and it has a 96 hp and a 28.1 LB / HP ratio. While I am not… Read more »